Love Hultén and LIŔONA collaborate on a retro visual synthesizer

Love Hultén has collaborated with New York-based artist LIŔONA to deliver a stunning looking retro gadget in both physical and digital form. Meet synth#boi, an interactive, physical visualiser that lights up in various arrangements in response to midi keyboard input.

Labelled as a “Phygital Purchase”, this joint effort from two of the most state-of-the-art designers, serves as an interactive synthesizer. Embedded in a 15-inch monitor is a circular display, where the users can find an illuminated figure that reacts to whichever key they press on an the MIDI keyboard. Beneath the display is a base that houses a S-Engine MkII sound module and NUC i5 computer. Finished off with a rather space-aged looking outer case, the synth#boi is a pretty damn cool looking piece of retro gadgetry.

Sadly the synth#boi was limited to 10 pieces and sold out in a flash sale but I think you would agree it is a cool piece of tech regardless and one that deserves some attention. You never know it may become available again one day in the future… until that day you can find out more information on the Dissrup website.

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