Love Hultén reworks Osmose into an upright piano with stereo looper

The Osmose is a remarkable instrument from Expressive E. It’s considered to be the finest piano-based expressive instrument yet to arrive. It pulls in all the elements of MPE control but in a familiar and very playable interface. Osmose features an expressively rich sound engine from Hakken Audio, turning it into a standalone instrument rather than just an MPE controller.

Love reached out to Expressive E, and they sent him an Osmose with the understanding that he would completely take it apart and work it into a new instrument. The result is the strikingly angular piano-like machine with an incorporated stereo looper and tape delay.

Love said on Instagram:

Oooh my, I love it! They really nailed the haptics. And the synth engine is far better than I expected as well. This personal setup in oak combines the Osmose with a stereo looper, some pico drum modules from erica synths and a tape echo.

Love has used the T-Rex Replicator tape echo in many of his creations. The Pico Drums is an interesting addition. The Stereo Looper is a little harder to identify. I can’t find one with that size of screen with red text. The Aeros Loop Studio is pretty close, but it’s blue. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Many of the instruments he builds are commissions, but this one was designed and built purely for his own use, and he seems very happy with it. They are always such joyful machines.

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