Love is the key and hate is the door – we speak with Omid 16B

Hi Omid, thanks for taking time out to speak to me today, you seem to have ruffled a few feathers in the industry with some pretty interesting views on the state of the industry and some would say, radical solutions. Tell us about for those that do not know, about your idea of DJs to pay for promos

For years and years we have accepted formulas which tend to feel out of balance, especially in recent years of the digital era, more and more producers / DJs concerned about the pressure of getting gigs as the only source of security and constantly having to release music to keep their profile out there. I know you need to work harder than ever now, you have to provide yourself with a stable income if you wish to do the things you love, in all fairness the real underground `producer / DJ who wishes not to compromise their soul and true intentions gets forgotten & left behind to some degree.

They seem to be hitting their heads against the wall, almost trapped forever until they can make some form of compromise. Is that the way? Or is there an alternative to making you avoid the trap of ultimate failure? I believe for those souls that stop lying to themselves or trick the outside surface, falling into their own mess is certainly not what they desire… You name me one famous and Rich (money) DJ /producer who doesn’t get depressed along the way? Doesn’t require an overload of attention? Doesn’t loose their magic at some stage only to find themselves in less peace than they were when they had nothing but the love for what they enjoyed doing the most? With an alternative to discover your own true agenda without fear of social isolation, you see the problems that multiply themselves, with an uncontrollable urge to maintain some form of idol so to blame all the discomfort’s your feeling on to them, specially when things seem unfair.

This is the ego’s ingenious plan to make you feel you’re better than the ones you point the finger to and somehow justify the fact that if you were in the idols position you’d do it differently!! I’m passed that, and feel no reason to hurt myself or stand in front of anything to help one or the other; I’m letting every moment do the talking with the gaps of silence being my focus.

When I say “NO More FREE Promos”? I’m simply saying why are you doing it at the first place? Why do you feel you need to sell your self for an Idols opinion? Do you not believe what your doing is enough to be noticed? Does it need to be sold like a tradesman who wants something in return? Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing? So if you’re going to do it like that, why do it and give away your labour for very little in return? Why not taste the fruits whilst they are fresh and ready to enjoy?

Why not get a small donation for the reasons that allow the idols to pursue more than they should? And at the same time, why does an Idol not see they are taking advantage of the system that only crushes the truth for self gain to the point where the credit or creator is lost in translation? If a BIG DJ is performing to 150000 people playing your music (unreleased or released) can he not expose the truth of who built the set and who also deserves his gain in revenue? Without your music he would need to be like a band or a performing artist who only plays their own music. My suggestion was to simply put an argument out of the equation, as it only breeds hate and complete disorder of the true subject…

If the DJs wish to play your music at the promo stage then why should they not also pay for it the same way they pay for released music? Is the gain from PR as worthy as one expects to develop naturally? Does it need to narrow down to people actually making a difference by setting a new formula? I don’t expect everyone to understand what I’m saying here but I know its touching you in places that’s equal to the truth.

As a label owner and industry veteran, do you think that DJs should be able to buy their way into a promo pool, rather than earn a ‘right of passage’ so to speak, from years of hard work and recognition to be placed on a promo pool as others like yourself have?

I believe neither is the way to the true identity of what one wishes to achieve for self satisfaction …In this current world we live in, our understanding is based on money paying for more than just the bills…it can buy a number of things temporarily which should be free …but you tell me anyone who has respect for people giving away everything they have for nothing in return? So we go back to step one …if the way at present requires payment of some sort for something, than why not for everything? How can we truly justify the different levels of each aspect being better than the other? Surely we need to see what serves the masses rather than a few that have selected their worth over others. I’ll try and keep this one shorter than the first answer lol

Yesterday you came out and put forward a very exciting idea, to limit downloads to a release. Can you tell us a little bit more?

Apart from the simply theory which is based on the physical aspect digital is being compared to like back in the vinyl days, ill tell you why I felt it was time to make this suggestion with a whole new perspective in place … Firstly there hasn’t been one label out there that has had success selling their own music from their own platform / website.

You may ask why? The answer is there isn’t the variety that a retail store can provide in comparison, the volume of labels, the volume of music by a selection of artists, great or small, relevant or lost, the retailers hold the power in comparison. When you limit the downloads to a specific number, you control your music closer to your wishes than at present. You can choose who you wish to give it to and how many units you feel is worthy of sharing or selling.

You simply take a more spiritual structure rather than an unnatural constant, without the concern of ageing being the key factor to be current all the time.  You can hold back a few numbers for your own stock and if the retailers sell out the limit you put in place, the buyers can demand more copies or directly come to you. Retailers will benefit on accuracy rather than speculation, some retailers can even suggest new ways to express the limit for further encouragement and simple ethics….

“Here it is and that’s all we have, so if you want it come and get it?”

Can this build past the demand to an individual wanting to push in line and compete to have something faster than anyone else for the fear of not receiving? Well that’s the beauty of digital; you can always assign more copies if you find there is a mass demand. But if there isn’t the demand you hope for than at least you haven’t kept the tap running. The charts will also become less relevant in this instance, as numbers are not being increased for competition to top another artist or play a popularity game …you simply choose what you feel is best suited to the music your making. You may also point that the value may also increase in the quantity being lower than usual but lets cross that bridge when we come to it.

Streaming is growing in massive numbers each month, why do you think people would prefer to stream it, rather than owning the actual product and is this just shafting labels and artists in royalties?

Streaming is equal to convenience but it’s yet to show what true purpose it serves at the low returns the artist are getting. Lets imagine you buy a physical CD, the average amount of plays before its worn out may be 1000, not a fact but imagination, so should the streaming value not be based around the average plays of a physical format before you cant play it anymore because it needs replacing. Who actually plays a CD 1000 times or more? …what are the likely conditions to base a value on streaming? This isn’t something I believe is helping or encouraging the health of the music industry yet it seems to provide a platform for some so it’s hard to say if it’s a good or bad thing.

Piracy is something that has totally changed the dynamic of the way today’s generation on how they obtain and spread music. Major labels to governments around the world have tried in vane for over a decade since the rise of MP3’s to tackle this, clearly an issue that is not going to go away. I wanted to hear your thoughts and what we can do to, I guess, reverse the tide? 

Piracy will become a thing of the past very soon, first thing is to structure the pricing of music on each countries related global economy..Meaning countries with less money or less value in their currency can also buy music so not to create the temptation to steal due to high pricing from the retailers in certain territories.

The new platform my team and I are launching has the theory of working with other like minded people setting technology that can track down any number of files, directing it to the original net it slipped from and enabling it to be removed from any torrent site or illegal drive it currently stands on …this means in very simple terms we would be able to trace it and remove it immediately with only a few minutes of it sitting on the search engines that also mislead people to temptation.

To begin with nothing can be perfect but it can provide the best option to remove piracy without making life more difficult for the music lovers who wish not to steal music.. Gradually the pirates will get tired of not gaining what they get at present which is fulfilling the true nature of their interest in revenue not being met as easily. We are working with one of the top anti piracy companies doing every thing we can to make sure this pursues towards stronger technology in the future to aid the piracy issue also in the film industry and more.

Our platform will also present a synchronised asset to allow all retailers to be in constant connection so if one retailer is targeted and abused through piracy, then all the others will know its source and come together to remove the chances of it happening again. A little bit like a giraffe that eats the leaves from one tree, the same tree being eaten sends signals form the roots to the neighbouring trees, the neighbouring trees being warned release some form of liquid into their leaves to stop the giraffe from also eating the other trees. All our business models are expressions of nature and that’s why some aggressive business ethics will not sit in the same chair with us and always try and push us away for being in tune with nature.

A key is education, appreciation and giving value to the work an artist puts into making music, how do you see us as a wider music community achieving this?

By falling in love with your art once again….by creating the work of the divine, not accepting anything but …always stepping away from believing its you but rather being thankful you’ve been lucky enough to experience it …. Stepping into your centre, rather than too far ahead, slightly behind, up or down, left or right. This way will naturally remind everyone who they really are and if they are not the things they like or wish to be, they can see how to change and restructure themselves to receive the gifts that truly inspire them to take the jump they need to make. This is the way to educate one another instead of preaching or taking lessons from a teacher.

Something that really struck me was the passion in your call for a new way of business; have you found much support from the wider industry?

Some support us and some wish wed take the money and stay quiet, I won’t mention any names as that’s not my style …but what we have here could change everything we have given value to so far in our lives … I’d be surprised if there are not any attempts already to make me look false or fake or just another DJ producer trying to get PR out of it…

I tell you one more time so its coming from my mouth and nobody else’s …I’m not doing this for self gain or trying to get more money out of it …I’m doing this because its me and I know its meant to be ….I only want to see the change so we all enjoy the service to one another not just a minority that seems to allow the system to control the steps to true success. I’m not saying I don’t like to get paid for what I do? …I love to get paid and I love to be able to buy things I enjoy and use the money for the greater aspects of life..

After all its my duty to look after my family and people who have less opportunities and need a kick start in life …its not my duty to deliver ‘hand outs’ like I’m some sort of rich spiritualist throwing money everywhere, that would be missing the point in aiding each person to do what they need to experience to achieve their goals and dreams … Guidance is the key instead of making it easy for everyone. People will learn to do everything another human is capable of only by guidance not by having it done for them or not doing anything about it at all….x

It is probably safe to say, you also have received some negative feedback to some of your proposals, how do you tackle some of the harsher criticisms?

To me its all positive …Negative is the area we are doing nothing about the subject at all, negative is when you just complain without a suggestion…lets face it there are those who still wish to do that ..They just make me laugh and I give it straight to them lol Positive is all forms of sharing views and sometimes it’s referred to as criticism as we know it …what’s the point of having everyone kiss your ass? Isn’t that just as bad as somebody telling you your rubbish when they aren’t far off from being that themselves? So you need to take it all with a pinch of salt to allow what’s really being said here…

Normally this is how it works, allow others to express them selves towards you whether good or bad? Let them pursue with it as long as it takes them to realise what they are actually doing..if its damaging you in anyway or the people you love you must stand up and say  “c’mon man lets have it, I’m not going to take your shit for nothing, back up what your saying otherwise shut up until you got something to say  ” ..Said in the most loving way possible of course x

You started a Facebook group – Things Need To Change “The Musical Revolution” only a short time ago and has already attracted close to 4500 followers. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Not really …The whole point of this is I’m not the one who can tell you more about it..It’s about you and your ideas not just mine ….go take a look and see for yourself, that’s about all I can say x

Thank you for taking time to speak to us, your views and ideas are clearly going to gain more traction over the coming months. Any last words?  

Love is the key and hate is the door ….xO


You can follow this discussion further at “Things Need To Change “The Musical Revolution”

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