Love On The Rocks is back with a reissue of a remix by Peace Division’s Justin Drake and Paranoid London’s Quinn Whalley

Love On The Rocks is back with a reissue of  a remix – by Peace Division’s Justin Drake and  Paranoid London’s Quinn Whalley – of a obscure  psychedelic proto-trance cut from ’93, plus  remixes of the remix by Rosa Terenzi & Alex  Kassian, because why not? 

Quick rewind: It’s 1993, and Justin & Quinn have  just released their first 12” as Slack on Andrew  Weatherall’s Sabres of Paradise. Later that year,  they would remix a track called State Of Mind by Peyote Dreams, and it would appear on a  compilation by UK label Rhythm Design, Rhythm  Design Vol. 1, in 1994. 

It’s ecstatic: equal parts tribal, trance and techno,  built around a pulverising kick drum, with synths  direct from outer space, incomprehensible  computerised vocals seemingly delivered through  vocoder, rewinds, and breakdowns galore; it  sounds like a transmission from an alien race,  relentless and insane. 

Fast-forward to 2016: the track has become a  fixture in Paramida’s sets, and the idea begins to  evolve to reissue it. Working closely with Justin  and commissioning Roza Terenzi and Alex Kassian  to “remix the remix”, this release represents a  tribute to the enduring appeal of the ‘93 mix, the  cyclical and unpredictable life of a record, a rewind  through dance music history, and a glimpse into its  future. 

That future is well-represented by Roza Terenzi,  whose mix is pure A-game, taking down the tempo  and amping up the weird, loosely following the  original’s structure of build ups and strip downs  while lacing its tribal/extra-terrestrial vibes with  additional jungle sounds and atmospheric pads,  for what feels like a morning stroll through a  psychedelic rainforest. 

Alex Kassian takes no prisoners with his extended  update/workout complete with booming vocal  samples, planet-destroying bass and layers of pin sharp, slamming percussion that smartly echoes  the original and retools it for ‘21.  

The entire package has been assembled with love  and care and comes in a full sleeve with download  code and inlay with notes from Justin Drake. 

Limited edition, no repress!


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