Lucien Foort and Stefano Noferini headline their free ADE party at VLLA

Lucien Foort presents Deeperfect (powered by Rebelle)
Friday 21st October

Stefano Noferini | Leon | Neverdogs | Lucien Foort | Lexlay | Artslaves Moan |
Natch & Dothen b2b Leonardo Gonnelli | Rebelle | Apotheque b2b Bold Moves | èreS

Amsterdam Dance Event has grown into the most important dance event in the world. Promoters, artists, booking offices and sympathisers manage to find Amsterdam and bathe themselves in any form of electronic (dance) music. Lucien Foort has dug deep into his own network this year and managed to pin down Deeperfect for a unique event. Both domestic and international artists will create a spontaneous vibe which seems to have been lost within the dance scene for a while now.

Where most events reminiscent of commercialism, expensive entrance tickets and little atmosphere, this event is all about the feeling, the music and the approachability. A free event at one of the coolest places in Amsterdam with a class A lineup is something that is difficult to find these days. Back to the love for music and solidarity. VLLA has a limited capacity, a wicked sound system and a line up to die for during ADE.

Lucien Foort’s music has found its way into the record crates of the high and mighty of the dance scene. Being born within a musical melting pot and learning his abc’s alongside taking music lessons, didn’t give him an opportunity to escape his natural born talent. Rotterdam based DJ and producer Lucien Foort studied saxophone and orchestra for eight years. Growing into adolescence, he moved on to rock, rap and rave, playing in different bands and experimenting with different music genres. Lucien’s first claim to fame was with his well-known rave anthem Quadrophonia.

With Stefano Noferini as the champion of the Italian tech house sound Lucien has brought in a huge headliner for this event. As label chief of Deeperfect he made other artists like Leon, NeverDogs, Natch & Dothan, Leonardo Gonnelli complicit in this future experience. Besides these internationals, Lucien has also brought in artists like Rebelle , Apotheque, Bold Moves and èreS to guarantee the nederteque sound as an introduction to our Italian friends. Make sure you’re there the 21st of October, be early because it starts at 20:00 and club VLLA has a capacity of 300 people so is quickly filled.

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