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Luke Brancaccio is a DJ, Producer, Promoter and Label Owner who has carved out a unique career over the last 15 years. A career born of hard work and determination. He won early recognition for his incendiary DJ sets which eventually saw him travel the world playing at clubs and festivals from Miami to St Petersburg alongside the illuminati of the day. After setting up KHz at infamous London club The End, he played regularly on national radio for Radio One, Kiss FM and XFM and was signed to a number of record labels. Arguably his biggest track was with Bruce Aisher called ‘Lovely Day’. His brilliance in the studio did not go unnoticed, remixing everyone from Timo Maas to Dirty Vegas. Luke even formed an indie band with Bruce called Suicide Sports Club which had a smash hit Album called “Electric Mistress”, they even when on to headline V Festival alongside Beck and Radiohead.

Hi Luke, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. Clearly you relish being busy, how did you start the label Cityseven?
My work colleague Ollie Bishop was pestering me to start a label on my own which I wasn’t interested in doing, however, after a year or two of convincing me, furthermore with the correct team assembled, we ended up with Adrian Forster, Abi Blake, Isabella Vegas along with Ollie himself who now are the Cityseven family

A recent release on the label by Jimmy V is a new name to me, but it seems the producer behind it has been in the industry for some time. How much does your insider knowledge help you to source new artists and keep the output of the label fresh?
I spend hours on a daily basis searching for current, new and old acts. Between myself and the team I’ve discovered acts, unknown and unsigned on various forums who are now killing it!

Any tips for 2014? Anyone you can see breaking through next year?
Jimmy V, John Monkman, Doran, Della Zouch to name a few. Jimmy V’s new single “Lose my Mind” is smashing it. His production and DJing is next level! John Monkman is releasing on notable labels with his unique sound. Doran as a DJ is incredible and certainly one to keep on the radar. Della Zouch has a sound unto his own

Arguably your biggest success (with Bruce) is the magnificent Its Gunna Be… (A Lovely Day). I remember an early house track by Soul System of the same name. I understand a remake is on the horizon with Jimmy V? What is the back story in deciding on a remake and what can we expect from the new approach have you both taken?
Because there was a high demand in requests from artists to remix the track, I thought I might as well do it myself. I also walked into a club and heard a dreadful hard trance remix of it and thought screw that, Ill have a go. As far as the new approach – wait and hear it yourself

‘Lovely Day’ was a roaring success by anyone’s standard and its often been said making bootlegs or remixes is a good way of making yourself known, but what advice would you give to producers starting out on a) their choice of song and b) their treatment of that record.
It’s all subject to individual preferences. Times have changed along with ones desires, needs, wants for remixes.Sound and Tune choice is personal. For example, London Grammar could be remixed by Calvin Harris which would be an instant Radio 1 top 10 whereas which is not the sound I would play yet a London Grammar remix by Art Department or Catz and Dogz would be.

And for sending demos? It’s all about researching the labels…
It’s all about research and product placement… It has to be the right sound for the right label

If I may, I’d like to talk about how you started out and the path your career took in those early days. How did you start out DJing and how long into it did you decide to start producing your own tracks?
I moved to LA when I was 18 and fell into it after meeting Jean Philippe Aviance from Alcatraz who took me under his wing and I’ve never looked back since. 7 years after DJing when I met Bruce Aisher was when I began producing.

What was your studio like back then and what improvements have you made over time?
We had a huge studio back and I’m currently aiming to get my studio today back to how it was. One of the most regrettable things was selling a lot of my analogue gear which now I’m buying back

How was touring back then? Logistics nightmare I imagine?
Touring and making music was hard to juggle. Older and wiser, I’m able to set aside studio time v’s touring. I remember those halcyon days of buying vinyl, much like many my age. There has been more than one occasion where I missed buying a sandwich for lunch because I had spent all my lunch break (and cash) in the local record store. Do you think with the advent of the digital age some of the majesty and wonder has been lost when we can buy mp3s with a few clicks of the mouse day or night? Going to a record shop was a way of socialising with your peers. I desperately miss vinyl but like all things in life, we have to move on

Has the advent of technology made the job of the record label harder or easier? I guess costs have changed?
Made it a lot easier although not necessarily a lot better, the quality and standard have been severely lowered. Anyone can start up a label that is not naturally the best thing

Would you ever consider vinyl releases for CitySeven?
Yes and absolutely… 100%

What do you both have planned for the label in 2014? Lots planned? Any more parties?
Releases from Pete Bones, Dub Disco, Radi & Keith and Jimmy V’s album all on the horizon and the year will be packed with Cityseven parties which you can check out and come down to!!

Tyson- “Mr Rain” (Mano Le Tough)
Down Town Party Network – “Space Me Out” (Mario Basonov Remix)
Gardens Of God – “Are We”
Ordep Zerep, Alberto Garanton – “Is This It” (Luke Brancaccio Edit)
Jimmy V – “Lose My Mind”
Unknown – “Breaking Chains”
Unknown – “Walk_Men”_(Supernova_Remix)
Ordep Zerep, Alberto Garanton – “Is This It” (Luke Brancaccio Edit 2)
Catz & Dogs (Luke Brancaccio Bootleg)
Luke Brancaccio – Beatz
Hear Thug (Don’t rain on My Parade)
Luke Brancaccio (Beatz 2)
Odyssey (Original Mix) Bunny

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