Luna City Express bring the cosmic grooves with their new album ‘Lunation’

Artist: Luna City Express
Title: Lunation
Label: Lapsus Music
Released: November 18th 2016
Genre: House, Tech House, Electronica, Downtempo, Disco

Luna City Express aka Marco Resmann and Norman Weber are at it again. They had a rocket start in 2005 with the first single ‘Fresh’, putting their project on the electronic music map as a force to be reckoned with right from the beginning. Since then, the German DJ duo based in Berlin has steadily gained attention and a growing number of followers worldwide. The listeners often find themselves captivated by their energy behind the decks in combination with a characteristic sound moving towards contemporary house packed with groove and emotion.

It is an interesting dive into the world of their new album ‘Lunation’ released on Supernova’s label Lapsus Music. Here we find a great selection of tracks telling us a story and moving through different styles and genres with a kind of felt intention. From the smooth, more downbeat electronica to the dancy, groovy, all-over-house tracks, they all show distinct characters and give the impression that there is no randomness involved.

The album is introduced in its own quirky way, leading the way to tracks giving us funk and disco accompanied by an optimistic spirit. Groovy and on point, many of the tracks demonstrates how the guys can make music aimed for great dance floor moments. High energy level, strong bassline and percussions take the focus. Offering plenty of interesting projects with artists such as Ominous, Flowing and Desney, one feature that recurs is Aaron Palmer. This cooperation results in fascinating and rough tracks where the main focus lies on elements such as the synth and vocal work.

Through ‘Travelling’ we experience the first breakdown in the album. The guys turn down time and space in a beautiful musical peace featuring the caressing vocals from Philomena. After this the album takes another direction offering twists in every tune, moving over a huge range of different influences and styles, always keeping the listener on his or her toes and bringing surprises. Some of the stand out tracks for me were ‘DJ Dynamite’, ‘The Spirit’, and ‘Feel’.

It is a multilayered album that provides tracks of great diversity making it a nice asset for various purposes. The guys behind Luna City Express yet again demonstrate their skills in portraying different moods and representing different genres in an overall package although keeping their distinctiveness intact. If you love your disco grooves, down-tempo tracks, and simply anything that makes you move, you need to take a listen to this fantastically diverse album.

About the Author

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