M-Audio announced the introduction of two brand-new audio interfaces

M-Audio announced the introduction of two brand-new audio interfaces, the M-Track Solo and M-Track Duo. These new audio interfaces have been  created for users to easily and affordably dive right into the world of computer audio recording  and production! Designed for music production, live streaming, podcasting or listening to music,  M-Audio’s M-Track Solo and M-Track Duo audio interfaces provide a wonderful and portable  solution for anyone looking to upgrade their computer’s audio playback and recording features. 

The M-Track Solo and Duo audio interfaces both feature M-Audio’s exclusive Crystal™ Preamps,  to provide you with a transparent, low-noise preamp that guarantees the best sound from your  microphones and instruments. These preamps also include +48V phantom power for powering  condenser mics. Both M-Tracks also feature headphone connections, main outputs, and direct  monitor selections to balance between the direct inputs and the playback from your computer  software, making it easy to record new tracks or add parts to an existing composition. 

Both models come complete with a comprehensive software package that has everything needed  to make professional recordings right out of the box. With two powerful DAWs, Pro Tools | First  M-Audio Edition and MPC Beats, to meet even the most demanding production needs, these  interfaces give you what you need to make your song, podcast or live stream sound professional.  Also included is a powerful mixing suite with 20 plugins, the AVID Effects Collection, and two  powerful virtual instruments: Eleven Lite for guitarists, Xpand!2, a very flexible and amazing  sounding synth. 

M-Track Solo Features  

• 2-Channel USB recording interface for Mac and PC 

• (1) XLR and ¼-inch combo input Crystal Preamp for amazing audio quality • +48V phantom power for connecting studio condenser microphones 

• Dedicated instrument input for guitar or bass 

• Stereo line input for connecting digital piano, keyboard and more! 

18-inch headphone and RCA stereo outputs provide easy monitoring 

• USB/Direct switch for listening to the input signal or the computer signal • Software bundle, including: Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition, MPC Beats, AIR Music Tech  Xpand!2, Eleven Lite guitar amp plugin and 20 AVID plugin effects 

M-Track Duo Features 

• 2-Channel USB recording interface for Mac and PC 

• (2) XLR and ¼-inch combo inputs with Crystal Preamps amazing audio quality • Dedicated switches to enable any microphone, instrument, or line level device • +48V phantom power for connecting studio condenser microphones 

• Stereo ¼-inch outs; ¼-inch headphone out with independent level controls • USB/Direct Mono/Direct Stereo switch for monitoring mic, line or instrument inputs in stereo  or mono 

• Included – Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition, MPC Beats, AIR Music Tech Xpand!2, Eleven Light  guitar amp plugins and 20 Avid effects 

Software Suite Included 

• Pro Tools First – M-Audio Edition 

• MPC Beats 

• 20 Avid Effects 

• Eleven Lite 

• Xpand!2 

The M-Track Solo & M-Track Duo are available immediately with MSRP’s of £39.99 for M-Track Solo  and £49.99 for M-Track Duo. For more information, please visit www.m-audio.com 

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