Maelstrom collaborates with director Piotr Matejkowski for new video for ‘Snow Falls Across The Border’

French producer, DJ and label owner Maelstrom has revealed the video for his single ‘Snow Falls’. It follows the success of his 2017 album ‘Her Empty Eyes’, and the release of a remix package for the single featuring PTU, Interchain and Clatterbox.

The new video was directed by Piotr Matejkowski, an award winning director responsible for Nike and Puma’s Polish adverts. Echoing the ominous tones of Maelstrom’s production, the director has put together a “story about a blind date, sexual desire and the human body”, taking place in a dystopian dark infinity lit up only by single lasers. Using contemporary dancers to communicate his vision for Maelstrom’s “strong, dark and intense music”, Matejkowski cites the early work of Luis Bunuel and other early surrealists as the inspiration behind the video.

‘Snow Falls Across The Border’ was first released as the lead single for Maelstrom’s first album on RAAR, the label he cofounded with Louisahhh. Both an evolution of the producer’s rich history and an intellectual departure from everything that has preceded it, ‘Her Empty Eyes’ is a work that is uncanny, challenging and meditative.

‘Her Empty Eyes’ and ‘Snow Falls Remixes’ are out now on RAAR.

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