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FENIX360, an artist-centric platform, is disrupting the traditional artists’ business with its 360 experiential ecosystems and pay model that will allow artists and creators to retain the majority of revenue on the platform. Traditionally, the industry has typically favored middleman, creating a bulk of redundant and unnecessary costs incurred, leaving almost close to nothing for artists and creators, an irony that FENIX360 is set to change.

Artists from across all arts – musicians, actors, models, comedians, dancers, and painters – can expect 80% of the platform’s advertising revenue, and 95% of NFTs, merchandise, tickets and live stream revenue in this new ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. The experience is simple, direct, and secure.

“We’ll be very happy if others defensively duplicate our obsession with the welfare of artists. We are adding powerful tools and untapped sources to expand the possibilities of artists’ revenue,” says Allan Klepfisz, Founder and CEO of FENIX360.

The highly anticipated and user-friendly platform has created quite a stir in the artists community even before launch as “the ONE social media application for everything”, allowing artists to integrate original content easily from their YouTube, Instagram, and Meta accounts. Unlike any social media, FENIX360 embraces artists’ growth on their existing social media platforms, and on top, provides an advanced capability for the artist, or anyone, to create a shareable application in less than 20 minutes. For fans and users, this means just using ONE powerful application to view all videos and content from the artist, and the ability to enter the artist’s universe on their self-constructed application. At launch, the platform has amassed 6000 FENIX Global Artists Ambassadors and 2.9M combined social media connections.

Lance Ford, Founder and President of FENIX360 observed, “With this simplicity, we hope to create a generation of enthusiastic app builders. It is a great way to present yourself to fans and friends and excites them continuously with a media property that you control.”

The Singapore incorporated startup is the brainchild of an international team with massive expertise and track records in technology, music, arts, financial, and media sectors. The founders have seen billions of dollars flow into the art and music industry, while artists struggle financially, and is determined to change this with blockchain technology.

“We eliminate all barriers in the crypto world. You can easily purchase FNX360 coin on the app and use it for any purchase. Artists can easily get paid without the complexity to set up an e-commerce system, mint their own NFTs without the usual tech challenges, access to dashboards and a suite of services to elevate their careers such as live touring, ticketing, marketing, productions. There is real utility and it’s as close to frictionless as one can get.” says Tomas Varga, Partner and Head of Blockchain Strategy of FENIX360.

FENIX360 is now available globally on web, Apple iOS and Android stores.

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