The new Mango Alley compilation from Lank is a mind altering sonic journey to wonderland

Artist : Various
Title : Alleys 004 Compilation Mix
Label : Mango Alley
Release : Out Now
Genre : Progressive House

I’d like to think, as a music journalist, I’m pretty much on the pulse of most things in electronic music. And yet, as embarrassing as it is, this beautiful double CD album on Mango Alley by Hungarian DJ/producer Lank nearly passed me by. He’d sent it to me ages ago to listen to and I remember I was mesmerised for a full week by the beguiling lines and melodies interwoven in this incredible sonic story. It makes you feel. You’re filled with wondrous emotions and far away thoughts that fleetingly engulf you and are gone in an instant like a puff of smoke. Mind music as it’s most pure.

Beginning in typically deep and emotional, the lonesome piano of Tom Day’s ‘We Watched The Clouds Form Shapes (Fizz Edit)’ invites you into the mind of an alarmingly talented and massively underappreciated artist. Quickly were into the meat of the first disc and well known names from the imprint make a few guest appearances, the majority of the mix though belongs to Lank and his incredible output -12 original tracks and 2 spectacular remixes – suffice to say, it’s an amazing journey of what us older music fans might well call ‘proper progressive house’ and you barely hear the joins between all 19 records.

Mix two is more of a mixed bag with some stand out tracks from Deepfunk and Kassey Voorn, Ryan Davis, DYNO, Erdi Irmak and a cheeky ambient ending from UK stalwart King Unique. Lank even manages to include another 6 tracks, some on-the-fly mashups, a collaboration and the amazingly aptly titled “Sometimes It’s Really Complicated To Name A Track” kicking off proceedings magnificently.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the mass produced (and not that unique) Anjuna style deep trance that’s honest, sonically enticing and damn danceable, you’d do a lot worse than give Mango Alley a go. I will for sure, it’s not a label I had much knowledge of before. This 2 disc beauty quickly cured me of that illness!

Mix 1
01. Tom Day – We Watched The Clouds Form Shapes (Fizz Edit)
02. Mango, Dezza, Aeron Aether – Apartement In Agia Napa (Buzz Edit)
03. Deepfunk, Kassey Voorn – Long Time Coming (Navar Remix) (Junkhouse Edit)
04. Mode B – Zentrum (Vox Edit)
05. Lank – Junkhouse (Second Time In The Mix)
06. Lank – Maps Of Katarzia (Rookie Version)
07. Lank – Crosstalks
08. Lank – Every Little Everything
09. Lank – Almanach (Live Mix)
10. Lank – Intergroove
11. Lank – Amerre (Live Mix)
12. Lank – Precursor (Alleys Edit)
13. Lank – Fake Poncho
14. Lank – Interdisco
15. Soulwerk – Stuck In My Mind (Lank “Unreleased” Remix)
16. Lank – Hazy Mazy (Live Mix)
17. Lank – Maps Of Katarzia (Original “BAR72” Mix)
19. K.Oshkin – I Can (Lank Remix)

Mix 2
1. Lank – Sometimes It’s Really Complicated To Name A Track
2. Lank & Mortinaré – Hold
3. Elbow Room – Gable (Stephan Olbricht Summit Mix)
4. Deepfunk & Kassey Voorn – Long Time Coming (Navar Remix) (Layers Edit)
5. Erdi Irmak – Am I Dreaming (Lank’s ” Broken Stoker ” Mix)
6. Lank – Interbreaks ≠1
7. Lank – A Mixture Of The Last Few Tracks ≠1
8. Mango & Dezza & Aeron Aether – Apartment In Agia Napa (Album Mix)
9. Battage – Occupe (Superlativus Edit)
10. Dan Sieg – Beneath
11. Lank – Junkhouse (Mix I. Edit)
12. Applescal & Ryan Davis – Creatures (Martin Hooke Bouncy Remix)
13. Ryan Davis – A Nature’s Son
14. DNYO – Shine On (Kobana Remix)
15. MNR – The Kid Is Infected (Lank’s ” Freeland ” Mix)
16. Lank – A Mixture Of The Last Few Tracks ≠2
17. Raxon- Into The Summer (Nick Muir Remix – Stripped Edit)
18. Erdi Irmak – This Time
19. Alex Rize – Beyond The Dome (Habersham Remix)
20. Sunamount – Orange Blossom
21. King Unique – Without Boxes