MANIK makes his debut on Huxley’s ‘No Idea’s Original’ label

Artist: MANIK
Title: Omar’s Coming EP
Label: No Idea’s Original
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Tech House

MANIK’s trippy and erratically brilliant style makes its debut on Huxley’s fledgling label, No Idea’s Original with 4 super tracks spanning the Tech House spectrum. The New York natives blend of dark, atomically packed records do the perfect job of getting us in the zone for many situations and their fierce nature is one all will want to experience.

‘Omar’s Coming’ is a sensational example of how to do something different and really stand out. The resonant bass with certain modular characteristics keeps the track rolling along whilst frequencies gradually begin to fill out through the progression of the record. Top quality work in this one.

If ‘My Answer Is Moog’, what is the question? Perhaps it is, what did you use to make that absolutely filthy bassline?! This is another top notch example of MANIK’s craftsmanship. It is pure underground. ‘Dusty In The 313’ is something else entirely. The warm tape distortion gives the track an astounding texture that works really well. The percussive is so groovy and really draws my attention, even though it is off in the distance slightly. This is another absolute banger.

‘Subsurround’ slows things down slightly, but keeps true to that brilliant style MANIK has crafted to keep us in a state of perpetual motion all throughout the EP. MANIK is without a doubt one of the most talented producers around, and this EP is a testament to that. This is an artist I will certainly be keeping on my radar.

About the Author

As a producer himself, signed to some of the UK’s top Techno & Tech House labels, including Baroque, Under No Illusion and Pro-B-Tech, Danny, better known as Ferher is no stranger to the underground. He has DJ’d at some of the best venues in the UK and is eager to share his passion for house music with everyone.