Manni Dee shares the second single and video from his upcoming fabric Originals EP

Producer and DJ Manni Dee prepares to unleash his latest EP Boundless on fabric Originals on 12th January ahead of an upcoming appearance at the club itself on 20th January. The four-track project includes collaborations from Manuka Honey and Bristol-based artist Grove, who features on today’s new single ‘Super Soaker’. The project is a testament to the British-Asian artist’s dynamic and ever-evolving approach to production. Boundless showcases the versatility and growth of an artist whose talents span a spectrum of genres, as he enters exciting new club music territory on the Originals imprint.

Grove adds a mischievous hip-hop-inspired vocal layer to today’s single ‘Super Soaker’. A flirtatious stepper, heavily influenced by US rap but with a distinctly UK lens. It explores themes of unapologetic sexuality and an unashamed homage to pop culture and consumerism, with lyrics echoing the playful energy of an experimental and trippy end of popular hip-hop. 

For Super Soaker I wanted to create a psychedelic Missy Elliot-style melody,” says Manni. “I’ve always loved her sense of futurism and originality, with the drums adding a modern rap touch. When we were thinking of vocalists to work with we thought Grove’s energy would be perfect. We got in touch & they came back with the concept & lyrics within days. There are a lot of tracks that cover the same kind of concepts of desire & sexual power at the moment, but not many that do it this creatively.” 

The track, along with a catalogue of recent work, flexes his respect for various influences, from hip-hop – one of Manni’s first musical loves – along to pop, R&B and dubby UK sounds. Just like his influences – “My cultural references are broad” – the people Manni surrounds himself with, are wide-ranging too. Since moving to London, Manni met most of his closest friends through the London and UK club community that he now calls home. “The best people I’ve ever met are through clubs and club culture,” he reflects. People, collaborations, and crowds drive Manni creatively, an ethos brought powerfully to the forefront in the music video to accompany ‘Super Soaker’.

“The video was an obvious one that fits the playfulness of the song and a way to involve friends & community in the project. – Manni Dee

Friends and collaborators of Manni are captured getting pelted with a water pistol that leaves them soaked and, their expressions are exaggerated and morphed by the slow-motion capture. The faces shown are some of those Manni has worked with or connected with the music industry. The video short drips with the collaborative spark and energy that motivates and inspires everything Manni does. It features artists Grove, Daniel Avery, Ivy Lab, X Club, Vindya, Billy Allen from the fabric team, and more appearances from figures in the electronic music scene. 

“I bought a Super Soaker and went for it. You’d be surprised how many people are up for being squirted in the face”. – Manni Dee

Boundless illustrates Manni Dee’s ability to blend diverse influences into a cohesive yet confounding experience. The EP opens with Manni’s own ‘For Love & Money’ (OUT NOW), a classic Manni Dee offering — driving and detailed in equal measure, with only the dancefloor in mind. The two further tracks take the listener through an unbridled exploration of club-centric creativity. From the sassy and energetic ‘All Of It’, an infectious collaboration with Manuka Honey, an artist at the forefront of the UK’s flourishing Latinx-infused club scene, to a tough-edged take on melody that features on the closing track ‘Polarise’.

Manni Dee joins Originals following a busy period of successful projects. From performing at the Boiler Room World Series in Mumbai and Bangalore – marking his first visit to his native country – to a flurry of collaborations with Safety Trance, Ivy Lab, Akiko Haruna, River Moon, Daniel Avery and Bodur. Now, firmly rooted in London, Manni marks a debut solo release with an imprint with the capital’s foremost electronic music brand, fabric. 

Manni Dee has spoken about straddling the duality of his British-Asian identity, something that recently came into focus for the DJ at the Boiler Room World Series, “It was extra special as I’m Punjabi and this was my first time in the motherland,” said Manni to Vogue India, “India has the best crowds in the world.” Reflecting a melting pot of cultural influences and experiences, the EP, featuring Grove and Manuka Honey, celebrates diversity and inclusivity at its core. It stands as a vibrant example of the transformative power of collaboration on club sounds, showcasing Manni Dee’s musical versatility and global perspective on music.

A long-time player in the capital’s club music world, fabric is a space for gathering and sharing music – something also close to Manni’s heart. Launched in late 2022, fabric Originals represents fabric’s continued embrace of new music and emerging artists. Originals put out new music for the club – a label where great-sounding, original, club-focused sounds sit beyond constraints or preconceptions. His landing now on the imprint is then a perfect fit. 

On Boundless, Manni Dee’s signature stamp is unmistakable, resulting in a crafted collection of tracks that seamlessly blend cutting-edge beats with compelling melodies. It’s an eloquent exploration both of the essence and hybridity of club culture itself and the tapestry of humanity it embraces. This is club-ready music, capable of getting any crowd moving. 

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