Marc Romboy is set to release ’15 Yrs Systematic’ on his esteemed imprint, featuring releases from John Digweed, Fideles, ARTBAT, and the label front man himself

’15 Yrs Systematic’ is the third part in the five-year Systematic series, where Marc Romboy’s esteemed imprint, Systematic Recordings, celebrates each five-year milestone with a compilation of exclusive tracks. This edition features special releases from John Digweed, Fideles, ARTBAT, and label frontman Marc Romboy.

Such a milestone deserves and demands a suitably special celebration of everything the label has achieved. Having first planted its roots in the summer of 2004, the imprint has nurtured a collective of producers whose musical ethos goes hand in hand with Marc’s sonic vision. The likes of Stephan Bodzin, Joris Voorn, Maetrik (Maceo Plex), KiNK and Laurent Garnier have all found a home on Systematic Recordings, forming a family of esteemed artists whose soundscape is at the heart of the label’s core values.

“Wow, 15 years with roundabout 200 releases of 50 artists are over and it feels like only three. I‘m more than glad that so many friends have contributed fantastic tracks for the 15 years compilation. It‘s worth giving all of them a careful listen!” – Marc Romboy

The compilation traverses the many forms of house and techno whilst similarly conveying the emotive feelings behind Marc Romboy’s desired soundscape. The opening track from Marc, ‘Shooting stars never stop’, begins proceedings as elegant synths and soft hats take us on an astral journey. Sascha Braemer, a fellow German, provides ‘Matar’, as spectral whirrs are complimented by driving kicks; whilst Diynamic Music affiliates ARTBAT produce ‘Orbital’, another starlike cut that features the perfect dose of acid pulses.

Esteemed Italian duo Fideles’ ‘Midnight Rembler’ gracefully rolls as the thud of the kick is complemented by a shimmering bassline, before John Digweed and Nick Muir’s ‘Alkuon’ takes us on a tribal voyage with bongo-like percussion that leads into a compelling, ricocheting drop. Giorgia Angiulli’s ‘Ocean Toys’ is an atmospheric and moving sequence, whilst ‘Okeechobee’, courtesy of Marc’s long-term collaborator Rodriguez Jr, drifts between dubby pads and thumping kicks.

British export Jimpster delivers ‘Pipe Dream’, featuring a xylophone-like background melody alongside a groove-laden piano roll, whilst Free Range Recordings staple Pezzner produces ‘Little Ghosts’, a driving, no-nonsense acid number. A firm favourite of Spain’s electronic music scene, Henry Saiz’s ‘Wormhole’ is another astral composition that features emotive meaningful synths; before Music Man Records boss Petar Dundov serves up ‘Dream of You’, which comes with an introspective poignancy.

‘Polar Vortex’ builds pace as unrelenting kicks merge with flickering hats, courtesy of Venezuelan duo Fur Coat; before leading into Robert Babicz’s ‘Coast to Coast’, darting between melancholic synth stabs and resonant percussion.

South American duo, Animal Print, produce ‘Neon Avenue’ as a weighted beginning gives way to ethereal bell chimes, before Rodriguez Jr and Marc Romboy’s collaboration ‘L’ Aspiration’ rounds off the album with awe-inspiring piano rolls and touching echo-filled chords.

In a career that has spanned more than two decades, Marc Romboy is a mouthpiece for the facets of electronic music that can not be categorised. His collaboration with the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra for a London Boiler Room performance showcased the true talent of the German producer and demonstrated that electronic music and classical composition are intrinsically linked. From producing six albums to running one of electronic music’s most successful labels, the release of 15 Yrs Systematic marks a career highlight that will be remembered and respected for years to come.

1. Marc Romboy – Shooting stars never stop
2. Sascha Braemer – Matar
3. ARTBAT – Orbital
4. Fideles – Midnight Rembler
5. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Alkuon
6. Giorgia Angiuli – Ocean toys
7. Rodriguez Jr. – Okeechobee
8. Jimpster – Pipe dream
9. Pezzner – Little ghosts
10. Henry Saiz – Wormhole
11. Petar Dundov – Dream of you
12. Fur Coat- Polar vortex
13. Robert Babicz – Coast to coast
14. Animal Print – Neon avenue
15. Rodriguez Jr. & Marc Romboy – L´aspiration

15 Yrs Systematic is released on 14th June 2019 on Systematic Recordings.

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