Buenos Aires young gun Mariano Mellino delivers a nuanced masterpiece on Sudbeat

Artist: Mariano Mellino
Title: Mars From Eden EP
Label: Sudbeat Music
Released: 12th September 2016
Genre: Progressive/Electronic

Devoid of any gimmicks and purely straight forward music sensibilities one has come to expect with Buenos Aires young gun Mariano Mellino refreshes one by miles. So goes for his release on Sudbeat titled, ‘Mars From Eden EP’.

As the original of the title track starts off with subtle electronic nuances, slowly cranking up the gears and teasing out each element of the body until it becomes a maelstrom of sonic wonder. An introspective percussion and melodic yearning takes on a tumbling sluggish bass line all too well with slight offbeat machinery doing the rest to keep you interested all throughout it’s seven and a half minutes fixture. An original production that’s restrained and one would not associate with the youthful producer.

On to the next, ‘St. Luke Reborn’. You can feel the edgy Mellino charisma come quickly in to play! Dark as soot and sinewy, the hypnotic beats caress a moody bass line not entirely constructed to make you dance whole heartedly than to just swoon in place as the arrangement is lingering, sizzling fuse, meant for a possible excursion into a murmuring cavernous cave of no good. There’s a nasty, freakishly, hard beat that brings things nicely to a head.

The above-mentioned gets a remix from Graziano Raffa whose work turns the track into something special, meant to capture the floor in more ways than one. The thump of the bass makes you look beyond and notice the unassuming persona of Raffa and then some. This is a bewitchingly good rework that shows out shiny big bass and interplay of high-end percussives laden with clutters of dithering electronics in play, and tinkling melodic plumage takes over to make you smile and head straight to the floor.

The finisher of the EP titled, ‘Calypso Flare’ is a bouncy affair. Affable yet snobbish in equal parts the tune snakes itself around devil may care bass and a tinny bleeping bottom that holds you and never lets you go, entrancing you into mush, only to swirl further out with an ascending-descending back drop of anxious beats but no less enchanting. A jewel of this pack undoubtedly!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.