Director of the UN’s SDG Action Campaign, Marina Ponti outlines how Dance Music can help end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace

International Music Summit (IMS), hosted a keynote presentation by Marina Ponti, Director of the UN SDG Action Campaign on 27th April 22.

Previously Marina served as Global Deputy Director and Regional Director for Europe for over a decade and was at the vanguard of innovative campaign initiatives, building multi-stakeholder coalitions, mobilizing resources and forging long- term partnerships between civil society organizations, Local Government, parliamentarians, media, the private sector and the UN.

In this keynote presentation she shared how Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a list of 17 global ‘to do’s’, the blueprint for the world and especially now the Electronic Music Industry to follow to achieve a better, safer and more sustainable future for all. Adopted by world leaders at the UN in 2015, they address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. Addressing specifically how the dance music community can lead the way towards more just and sustainable societies.

Recommending that everyone does something small or #FlipTheScript to change the way we do things, flip apathy into action, fear into hope, divisiveness into togetherness. The key element of the campaign being Transformative Action, acting together as a community, and showing if we all participate humanity can act together and re-write history.

‘Music and art play a fundamental role in triggering the change necessary today, it’s about joy, about dance about connecting with oneself and people around, individuals and collective change occurs when mind and heart come together’ – Marina Ponti

The Question is ‘How can music do this?’ Music and art play a fundamental role in triggering the change necessary today, it’s about joy, about dance, about connecting with oneself and people around, individual and collective change when heart and mind come together.

Producers and electronic artists are cultural creators connecting with massive and ever growing communities, inspiring others and leading by example setting new sustainable standards, setting trends and flipping the script on what has long been the norm.

People are no longer making passive choices, they are making active choices, adhering more than ever to social and climate justice beliefs. They demand a sustainable future and the music industry can help lead the way with their choices they make.

Marina Ponti specified achievable calls to action for the dance music industry to adopt, from solar powered stages at festivals, moving away from plastics completely, more conscious travel offsetting emissions and more local artist and DJ bookings. Also taking a stand against sexual assault and ensuring women and gender minorities are on and off the stage.

Maria has several articles already published containing her vision in newspapers, magazines, online publications and blogs on the Millennium Development Goals, on the Sustainable Development Goals, on aid effectiveness, financial speculation, gender equality, social development, local development, debt-relief, human rights, and trade.

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