Mark Wilkinson to release debut book ‘Life Remixed’

‘Life Remixed’ is the debut book from ‘The Health and Happiness Coach’ Mark Wilkinson, due to be published in February 2021. 

It tells Mark’s story of how his hedonistic lifestyle as an international DJ – including a residency at London Superclub Ministry of Sound, playing in 65 countries across the world and a UK Top 10 hit – was turned upside down when, at the age of 33, he collapsed in pain and was then unable to walk for 18 months. He was diagnosed with an incurable rheumatic disease which resulted in him being in constant agony and living on hundreds of painkillers. These challenges eventually led to depression, loneliness, bankruptcy and suicidal thoughts. At rock bottom, Mark had a decision to make and chose to ‘remix his life’ after discovering the 2006 film ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne which opened his mind to new ways of thinking, feeling and being. He began to study philosophy and personal development with Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins to detoxify and cure his body, eventually completing four marathons and living pain-free.

It is through this positive action that Mark rebuilt his life and career and now owns multiple businesses as well as working as a Wealth, Business and Life Coach, Author and Speaker. ‘Life Remixed’ shares his insights into how to overcome challenges through a series of proven solutions to make positive changes, even when things seem the worst they can be. Be it addiction, health, relationships, money or any challenges around negative thinking, ‘Life Remixed’ focuses on inspiring strategies to help others lead a happy and fulfilled life. Mark aims to prove it’s never too late to be happy and healthy.

Mark explains: “As an International house music DJ and record producer, I was living a dream life, travelling the world sharing my passion for music and enjoying success with a Top 10 hit until one day I physically collapsed. Life Remixed is my story from the highs of a hedonistic DJ lifestyle, to the lows of an incurable disease, bankruptcy, depression and suicidal thoughts, then sharing strategies of how I remixed my life to create health, wealth and happiness… and how anyone else can do it too!”

A refreshing and deeply personal self-development book, ‘Life Remixed’ serves as a timely release for 2021 following what’s been an uncertain year for so many. It will be available to buy worldwide from February 2021. 

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