Tour Guide – Cocoon’s Markus Fix picks his tour highlights from Italy, Chile, Serbia, Thailand, England and more

Markus Fix began building an impressive discography of 12” releases as far back as 2007, when he debuted on Nick Curly’s hugely influential Cecille imprint via the ‘El Comienzo’ EP. The years since have emphasised his reputation as a producer of some repute, with a number of the scene’s foremost labels playing host to his many intricate works. A native of Frankfurt, Fix maintains an integral role within the city’s fertile electronic music scene. On a production level, Fix has also repped some of his city’s foremost labels, not least Be Chosen, Freebase, Epilog and Pleasure Zone.

Indeed, Fix’s hometown has played a profound effect on shaping his music tastes, with his inaugural trip to The Omen cementing his love of all things electronic music. Despite growing up listening to the likes of Yello, Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk, it was observing DJs such as Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos and Dorian Paic at the club that helped Fix establish his own sound. heavily inspired by what he witnessed, he quickly immersed himself Frankfurt’s underground scene and earned a residency in local bar Helium, before graduating to notorious after-hours spot, U60311. From there, Fix moved to Frankfurt’s now-defunct Monza club, before being recruited by Sven Väth’s Cocoon Club, where his stock as a DJ continued to rise at an impressive rate.

As his DJ career began to take shape, Fix began to earn a name for himself on a more global level as a producer thanks to a string of well-received releases for local labels such as Cecille and Oslo. He soon found himself rubbing shoulders with some of the scene’s foremost names, with his DJ duties bringing him to some of the globe’s most revered nightspots. By now a firm part of the Cocoon family, last year Fix was handed the responsibility of mixing the latest instalment in the label’s ‘Dots & Pearls’ mix series, a task he completed with vintage poise on ‘Dots & Pearls Vol. 4’.

2018 looks set to be a particularly prolific time for Fix. Alongside raum…musik boss Dorian Paic he will release EPs for the likes of Housewax and Pleasure Zone, while own a solo level there are releases with the likes of Cocoon and Celesta pencilled over the coming months. Below is a pick of Markus’ highlights from touring early this year in his tour guide picked exclusively for Decoded Magazine.

30.07. – ROBERT JOHNSON – Offenbach, Germany

Is there anything better than this club? Not in my opinion! From the view of a guest and DJ. This location has no VIP area and no big light shows. Quite different! A single room with a changing room concept and a really nice terrace to stay, talk and smoke, which I miss a lot in other clubs. So, the main focus is music and I am really happy to be back on the 28th of September 2018 for Pressure Traxx.

14.06. – AFROBAR – Catania, Italy

Since I’ve been playing internationally, I play in Catania at least once or twice a year. The city is full of House and Techno Lovers and the parties are still amazing. I have met many friends there and therefore always feel very welcome. The Afrobar is right on a beautiful beach, but also has a great indoor floor with a nice sound system. So if you have the chance to hang up in the sunset, you will not forget that. This location is definitely “With Love”.

24.04. – GALPON 6 – Santiago de Chile, Chile

My friends Einzelkind and Christian Burkhardt will remember it well when we played here for Aldo Cadiz. We started with a sightseeing tour, visiting historical monuments, have drunk a lot and rocked the dancefloor. It was just a great time!

16.09. – MODERNITY CRUISE – Roundtrip

It was my first experience on a cruise and every minute was great fun, together with the Cocoon Crew and many old and, of course, new friends. The MSC Magnifica sets sail from the Italian city of Genoa and anchors during the Mediterranean cruise in Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona and Ibiza. Finally, it’s back to Genoa, where the festival ends. You have to be there in any case.

6.08. LOVEFEST – Vrnjacka, Serbia

I get goose bumps when I think back to Lovefest because that was one of the most extraordinary festivals I have ever played with the Cocoon Crew. An absolutely amazing location with a huge stage and a dancefloor on a hillside. I have never played in front of so many people and the vibes were incredible. So if you are looking for a fancy festival, then you are exactly right here.

25.11. ONLY – Mar del Plata, Argentina

What should I say. I am in love with South America but it’s always a small challenge if your headlining a party 4.000 kilometres away from your town and you do not know the promoter. But each of us have always done a very good job and the people have always taken good care of me. So, never say no to a private ‘Assado’, because this is something very special.

25.01. GOA CLUB – Rome, Italy

Ciao! In my heart I am half Italian and Goa Club is simply the best indoor club in Italy. A small place that focuses on the music – just like Robert Johnson. The last time I played together with my studio partner Dorian Paic (..that is always fun). And you feel that all people understand your music. Thumbs up!

25.06. FARELLONES at El Colorado, Chile

Another gig in South America but this time in the snowy mountains. Together with Carola Pisaturo we had a fantastic time. The location was spotted on a ski tourism location, lovely vibes there.

13.03 – 29.03 THAIBREAK 2018 – Koh Mak, Thailand

A combination of holiday and party with a lot of friends. We stayed for two weeks on the island Koh Mak. 180 raver’s and a lot of DJ’s in a really private atmosphere. For a raver it’s a good chance to get in contact with the DJ’s privately, because you see all of them every day. But you always have the chance to be for yourself. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

28.05. WE ARE FESTIVAL – London, England

If somebody knows how to produce a festival, it’s the English people. Well done organized, even I played the first slot for two people. Of course I also liked my drink cooler bag with the drinks off my hospitality rider. Thanks!

Markus Fix & Dorian Paic‘s Change of Light EP is out soon via Pleasure Zone

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