Mason Lands On Toolroom For ‘Frisky Biscuits’

Iason Chronis a.k.a. ‘Mason’ returns with ‘Frisky Biscuits’ his third L.P. and a rare artist album release on respected electronic music imprint, Toolroom. So many press releases state such-and-such an artist has re-invented the musical wheel or is the most ground-breaking act since the Beatles. It’s time to do away with the hyperbole and PR clichés and simply introduce what is a very good album from an equally good artist. Mason effortlessly weaves between house, funk, disco, and the type of impossible-to-define sounds which have seen the Dutch artist consistently walk his own path in a 25-year career in electronic music. The 13-track album is littered with guest vocalists such as Jem Cooke (Camelphat) and Shingai (The Noisettes), all bringing their unique talents.

Mason is a producer and DJ who makes a point of ignoring the inherent trendiness of the dance scene around him. There is no bandwagon jumping here, just a life-affirming, enjoyable journey into the influences of an undeniably underrated producer overflowing with creative juices. 

As Mark Knight (founder of Toolroom Records) comments, “As an artist, Mason sits in his own space – he doesn’t follow trends, and he has his own identity. When we sign talent at Toolroom, that’s exactly what we’re looking for. This album is a really creative and cohesive body of work – it’s a real listening journey, an experience.”

Created wholly in lockdown conditions this album is an antidote to the Covid era. Realising that people needed something to smile about Mason crafted a record that smacks of positivity and joy. This is not heads-down fuel for a dark Berlin warehouse but a soundtrack for dancing on picnic tables in the sun. The Amsterdam-based producer has created a typically eclectic selection of tunes designed for sound tracking all activities of life and not just sweating in a nightclub. In that sense it is very much a lockdown album. 

Mason comments, “I wanted to turn these weird times into something productive so I locked myself in studio like a true hermit. I’m hoping with this album to bring my share of warmth and positivity to this world, which I like to think we can all use these days.” 

In ‘Frisky Biscuits’ Mason is clearly enjoying himself as he dives into his influences and favourite sounds. The album takes a winding path through disco vibes, dips into Latin flavours and jumps in a puddle of funk while giving a wave to electronica. It slides from hip hop to bouncing, quirky house, through to overtly credible moments and somehow it all pulls together with an inherent groove and sound which is uniquely Mason. 

We won’t tell you that this is the best electronic album of all time, or even of 2020. It may sneak into the top ten dance albums released this month. One thing we can guarantee is that it will certainly sound different to any of those other records and for Mason that’s all that really matters.  

1 – Alive2 – Drowning In Your Love (ft Jem Cooke)3 – Platinum4 – Watch What You Say5 – Take It Down (ft Slang)6 – Loosen Up (ft The Melody Men)7 – Wrecking It Up (ft Lady Sanity)8 – Flea Circus9 – Fake Lights (ft Shingai)10 – Rhythm In My Brain (Biscuit Cut)11 – Game Time (ft That Kid CG & Gregers)12 – The Colonel13 – Reflection (ft Chenai)