Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-Ear Headphones review

When you first unbox the Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-Ear Headphones you soon realise the quality of the product. The box and its contents are packaged beautifully and when you first catch a glimpse of the MH40 headphones you know they are constructed using the finest materials.

The MH40s have “premium cowhide on the headband exterior surface” and “soft memory foam wrapped lambskin” on the ear pads and on the inner part of the headband. Grilles adorn the exterior of each cup to complete the retro look. The earcups are closed, which is great news if you’re planning on listening to them when trying to block out the annoying sounds of your work colleagues or the background noise of your daily commute to the office.

The specs of the MH40s certainly deliver promise with the 45mm “Neodymium High-Performance Drivers” and the “Oxygen-free copper to ensure pure sound and reduced noise”. Being honest if I had reviewed these a few months ago when they were full price this might be a slightly different review but at £179 (and I know that is not the cheapest) I personally think they deliver a lovely warm low end and nice all-round sound. If you compare these to the Sennheiser HD25s which many DJs would purchase, I would say they are not quite as good in terms of mid-range sound but they are certainly a lot more comfortable to wear on your head and they do look superb! One thing I do love is the mute bottom which is situated under the right ear which would come in quite handy when having a mix at home (like many DJs are these days) and the Mrs asks if you want a brew!

These may not be pound for pound the most value or the best sounding for some genres of music but for dance music, I find them to more than adequate and would happily use them over many other headphones at the £179 price tag. Master & Dynamic do offer a wireless version of these headphones at £229 which is cheaper than the equivalent Bose option, and again, in my opinion (as I have a pair), delivers a better and warmer low end! Although the mid-range is nowhere near as good as the Bose, so if you like you pop music and classic it may be better to look at other options if I am honest.

Youn can find out more on the MH40 headphones here.

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