Masterful strokes of musicality from the Grenoble based Groj

Artist: Groj
Title: Seahorse EP
Label: Strange Town Recordings
Cat no: STR021
Release date: Out now.
Genre: Progressive House

Groj some-what becomes, a master of the 12 inch, and with every release the Grenoble musician has produced a perfectly encapsulated snap shot of his type of sound, in development over that time. As we shine the light on Groj’s latest EP, Seahorse, out on Strange Town Recordings, it’s easy to see the masterful strokes of musicality inherent in his brain.

Laying down a fresh vista of monochromatic beats of thudding bass the title tune Seahorse, exerts the bins to a fine sweat. Dominated by a galloping rhythm, this A side offering is aimed squarely on the dance floor. The expansive pulsing melody line wings its way out here and there, and that friendly smiley centre, one can easily chase around the space one is at.

The lone track gets a B side makeover by Ecuador’s Techno man James Teej titled the Retrograde remix. A shameless amount of dubby drift is immediately apparent in this skanky version that lays down the gauntlet of “dance or you shall perish”. The focus goes straight to whip crack snares that crackle off the back ground, propping up a twisted gong and much electronics misbehaviour, stowed within. This is murky dub Techno at its best.

Eyal Cohen remixes the finisher, in great slowed down style. This time around the chord play is more suited to a relaxed tempo; the track is tempered in lush staccato bass, alongside a discordant shuffling groove. It’s an adventurously eccentric production that may be a bit overwhelming for your typical dance floor, but it’s surely got my thumbs up. Great stuff from Cohen!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.