MasterSounds has launched Radius Two, a two-channel rotary mixer

This handmade device offers similar high-quality audio as its predecessor, the brand’s Radius 4V DJ mixer, but in a more compact form.

Central to Radius Two is a pair of dual-triode valves located at the input stage of the mixer’s VCA.

“The valves’ high input impedance minimises loading on the preceding stages but provides low output impedance to drive the VCAs.” – designer Andy Rigby-Jones

The mixer features controls for the two channels as well as master settings. The two channels can each be sculpted by independent three-band EQs. They also feature an aux send function that can be toggled pre- or post-fader. The master section, on the other hand, sports a master three-band EQ – that doubles up as an isolator – and a Penny & Giles crossfader that boasts contour control.

Other notable components onboard Radius Two include ALPS rotary knobs and two 36mm illuminated analogue VU meters that allow monitoring of the mix bus. On the topic of mix buss, the mixer also comes with two MUSES operational amplifiers that are touted to provide “world-class summing for the fully balanced main mix buss”.

The mixer retails at £1495. More info can be found on the MasterSounds website.


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