Matan Caspi take us to the Outta Limits with his hypnotic Kinetoscope EP

Artist: Matan Caspi
Title: Kinetoscope EP
Label: Outta Limits Recordings
Release Date: Out now!
Genre: Progressive/Electronic

Much has to be said about Matan Caspi’s latest release on his very own imprint Outta Limits Recordings, which is in collaboration with the fantastic Stan Kolev. Much that this three tracker EP titled, ‘Kinetoscope’ sounds like a break through and cutting edge offering that just thuds and judders about with breath-taking electronics in place. As the title track conjures up thundering deep wastelands of pomp and billows of mist resting against a bad assed, stop gap, off-kilter bass. Shiny thrifts of percussion meet up with culling melodic components high in dramatic music aesthetics.

Next up, ‘Ethereal Dream’ featuring Sehya is a beautiful landscape of hypnotic progression into the driving unknown. The sing worthy vocals stitch myriad emotions along, tight electronic shudders filled with high-end melodic musings around a shaker bass, which lends a distant dark momentum one would want to get lost in. This track is sinewy, penetrating and shimmers all the way through.

To finish things off, ‘I’ll Be There’ encases one in a metallic foundation, with an acidic ambience and then that jaunty bass line skips up and down taking you along with it, the rise and fall of the haunting vocals do the rest to seal the tune as one of the great ones that will be played out for a long time to come. Cavernous interiors fornicate with vocal murmurings harmoniously and the rest of your throbbing heart melts into this one. Fab stuff!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.