Matt Darey’s album, ‘Wolf’ is the first electronic music release to be specifically written and produced for 7.1.4 3D surround sound in the Dolby Atmos format.

Matt Darey’s album, ‘Wolf’ is the first electronic music release to be specifically written and produced for 7.1.4 3D surround sound in the Dolby Atmos format. Originally designed for the movie industry, listeners are surrounded with sound waves from all sides and above. Recognising this as the future of music production, Matt Darey spent months learning the skills needed to create brand new music in this format. His groundbreaking album features 9 new tracks with each sound freed from individual speaker channels, to move seamlessly in 3D space, creating a truly organic and immersive 3D sound experience.

Ministry Of Sound recently announced a 7.1.4 3D surround sound system, and with support for the format now rolling out via Xbox, Windows 10, iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and more, Matt Darey is the first to bring brand new music into homes, written and produced specifically for 7.1.4 3D surround sound. The album is released in 2 versions; a traditional 17 track stereo version and a 9 track 7.1.4 3D version, mixed in Dolby Atmos and which folds down onto any surround sound system from 7.1 to 5.1. To promote this new format, ‘Wolf’ will be free to download from 29th November – stereo version from (also available to buy / stream across all digital platforms) and the 3D version from

Matt Darey is a pioneering electronic music producer, working across a diverse range of genres. He helped develop the trance sound in the mid 90’s enjoying huge club hits as well as numerous crossover chart hits, including the top 10 hit, ‘Beautiful’. His ‘Euphoria’ album series sold over 3 million copies and from 2004–13 he toured the world as a DJ off the back of his ‘Nocturnal’ radio show, which at its peak was broadcast in over 150 countries, including drive time in USA / Canada on Sirius XM. He remains as current as ever, hitting the UK club charts on 3 separate occasions last year, before embarking on this album project.

The idea for the new album ‘Wolf’ came when Matt was in the Dolby Atmos studios putting together a DJ mix to utilise the 7.1.4 system in Ministry Of Sound. Inspired by the potential for this futuristic sound format, he decided to create an album of new music specifically for it, despite the lack of available platforms at the start of 2017 when he began.

Matt Darey comments, “I was hooked right away. It’s so natural to make new music the way you hear sound in the real world. It changes the way you create and once you make the jump into 3D there’s no turning back.”

Producing a full album in this format required Matt to visualise sound in a whole new way and approach the project from a different perspective. Each track had to be built with each individual sound assigned to separate objects. The title track ‘Wolf’ for example, involved the specific placing of 60 different elements into 3D space, a highly involved process that is both artistic and technical. However, the result is that for the first time, music lovers can download high quality music content, written and produced to push the capabilities of their home 3D surround sound systems.

This technical achievement should not take away from the album itself. ‘Wolf’ is a journey across genres, with quality songwriting at its core and completely immersive production. It features a list of hugely talented vocalists and collaborators including; Patchy, Billie Fountain, Alice Rose, Poli Hubavenska, Molly Bancroft, Natalie McCool and many more. Those downloading the 3D version will enjoy a mind-blowing aural experience, while those downloading in standard stereo format will enjoy an additional 8 tracks and a stunning album from an artist at the top of his game.

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