Matt Dwellers releases the exquisitely deep and groovy Medellin EP on Friday Lights Music

Artist: Matt Dwellers
Title: Medellin EP
Label: Friday Lights Music
Released: 27th October 2017
Genre: Progressive / Techno

Founded in 2011, originating from Ashkelon, a small town in Israel and now spanning to Stockholm Sweden. Friday Lights Music, run by Igor Ilgiyaev and Kirill Diamandy is a boutique International label conceived to nurture creativity.

Matt Dwellers who also has releases on Aftertech, Techgnosis, Neko and LW Recordings is French of origin and is currently based in Australia. Whilst Geist is Swedish and Doppel is Australian.

Matt Dwellers – Medellin EP (FLE042), with remixes from Doppel and Geist; all exquisitely deep and groovy tracks, having journey or progressive like atmospheres. The ‘Geist remix’ being the most unique has an oddity to its creation, with interesting sounding melody’s, synth stabs and bass whilst also maintaining a great groove.

Deep electronic music doesn’t get much better than what is presented in this release. All the tracks are hugely creative with a commanding melody roughly at the beginning of each phrase, great melodic elements sitting perfectly in the mix and an air to really hit the sweet spot. The faster paced ‘Doppel’ Remix with crunchy and aquatic type sounds got me and can only be described as ear candy.

Also included on this EP, is ‘Convertible Future’ which is another tasteful, 7-minute masterpiece with a great groove and atmosphere.

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International DJ / Producer / Artist and A&R, Tyson Hölscher is an accomplished and experienced electronic music professional. Although House music has always been his niche, he believes every form of electronic music is an art that expresses a state of mind.