“It’s always a great feeling to see artists you admire playing your tracks at huge events or festivals” – Matteo Floris

Barcelona based Italian Matteo Floris was born in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). From a young age his passion for music developed leading to playing drums at electronic house parties which then progressed to selecting and mixing his favourite tracks, ranging between house, minimal, deep and tech sonority. He then gained an interest in producing his own tracks creating his personal sound, focusing on rhythm and groove, basslines and vox sampling. Being a big dancer, his mixes are 100% made for the dance floor, with big influences from hip hop, soul, funk and Chicago house music. Matteo is currently signed to some of the top labels on the market and supported by names including DJ Sneak, Mark Jenkyns, Richy Ahmed, Low Steppa, Hector Couto, Sam Divine and many more.

Hi Matteo thanks for joining us. Hope you enjoyed the Christmas holidays. What were your plans for NYE?

Hi guys, many thanks for having me! I spent Christmas in Sardinia (Italy) with my family and friends where I also had two nice daytime gigs. Back to Barcelona for NYE, no gig but had a cool dinner and party with my crew here.

Let’s jump right to it. Out now on Max Chapman’s Resonance Records is your new track Rizla which has been getting great support including Mark Jenkyns at elrow. Tell us about the track being signed to Max’s label?

Yeah I’m really happy about this track since it reflects 100% my style and my skills on producing, vocal chopping and sampling, bassline and clean groove. I’ve already tested it several times and the crowd reaction is always dope. I also had the chance to see Mark Jenkyns droppin’ it at Elrow Paradise Hot Creations party here in Barcelona, amazing.

Due for release in March is another original track of yours on Supernova’s Lapsus Music which I feel fits very well on their label. A true Italian package here. Have you known the guys long?

Can’t wait for this one as well, I never released on Lapsus Music before. I recently reached them by sending a few demos of mine and they chose my track “Dawnjet” straight away for their WMC Miami Sampler. This tune is getting solid support especially from my friend Javi Bora who’s playing the track everywhere. You can find two videos of him playing the track at Space Festival in Sydney (Australia) and at Viva Warriors showcase in Newcastle (UK).

As a production style your sound is based around rhythm, groove, basslines and vox sampling. When starting a track which of these elements form the base of a project?

Usually I start from a vox sampling idea, by listening to some random vocal which inspires me straight away, then I try to build the breakdown part and the drop and when I’m satisfied with it I create the whole tune structure. So vocals are definitely one of the main elements of my tunes.

Vocal sampling in itself can be fun and can provide the icing on the cake to a track. Which have been some of the most random vocal samples you have used and where did you find them?

I can find interesting vocals everywhere, like on YouTube, Facebook, and of course sampling from vinyl or other tracks. To be honest I try to avoid “cheesy” and overused vocals and I always prefer to sample weird stuff like random people speaking (not singing). One of the most random vocals I used was a Jamaican woman answering an interview for a local television.

Can you talk us through your decision to relocate to Barcelona? It’s becoming a very popular choice amongst music producers with the likes of Berlin. Did you weigh up the pros and cons of both? Barcelona has a beach, Right ha!

I moved to Barcelona in 2012 to study a master of Music Business. Then I decided to stay here and is now my home for 6 years. Coming from an island, I need warm weather, sun and beach :) Barcelona is also a good location if you are a DJ and you need to get International gigs all around the world. I don’t think the music scene can be compared with Berlin’s one, which is way more genuine and real… but when you choose to live somewhere you have to find the right compromise between lots of things and Barcelona was my choice.

You have been signed to many established house labels including Roush, Flashmob and elrow Music. Are you happy with the support and strength of the release campaign when your music is released? I’m not being label specific but in general is there anything you feel is missing which could help make a release a bigger success?

Yes is true, I’ve released on some of the top labels on the market. However, many times you don’t get the promotion you deserve just because your name is not as big as other ones, and even if you’re releasing a great track on a great label, the label itself doesn’t push you and doesn’t support you enough. That’s why I really love when a top label signs an unknown artist and just pushes him for his great music and not for his name. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen often and in my opinion this is what is missing to make a release a bigger success.

With your music being played and supported by the who’s who of house music is there a particular artist which meant more to you amongst the support you have received so far?

I had the luck to receive big support from amazing artists and top names. Among all I would say Mark Jenkyns from Hot Creations department indirectly helped me to believe more in myself and my music. It’s always a great feeling to see artists you admire playing your tracks at huge events or festivals.

What are your thoughts on Coyu’s recent announcement to stop releasing tech house on Suara? Do you personally feel the genre is becoming the way he says it is?

I truly respect Suara and Coyu for their “marketing” choices even if I always prefer labels with a strong and clear music identity and on Suara we really heard all kind of genres so far. I quite agree with Coyu’s thought on tech house music and if this decision means that Suara will have a more concrete identity in terms of releases then I support this 100%.

With the recent announcement for the release of the new Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 controller what is your opinion on controller culture and the way the technology is heading?

To be honest I always thought that everybody can play how ever they like, on vinyl, CDJs, controllers, Ableton, Traktor…. it doesn’t matter for me. I personally prefer vinyl or CDJ “touch” but I’m also interested on building a live act using drum machines, Ableton Live and some synths. Technology evolution is always good. I’m now waiting for some real turntables with USB port in order to use them like we did with Traktor, but of course without any laptop around.

You have provided us with one of our first guest mixes of the year. Can you give us a run through of material here?

This mix included some forthcoming or unsigned stuff of mine + tracks I’m currently feeling and playing in my last gigs. I would say it reflects my actual music line which is a combination between minimal bouncy house, groovy Chicago house and modern vocal party mood tech house. No melodic stuff, no drama, just groove and good vibes.

And how are your gigs and touring looking for early 2018? Where can we catch you playing?

So far I have some confirmed gigs here in Barcelona, Italy, London and Canary Islands, then some South American promoters are trying to sort few dates there so hopefully I’ll have some good news soon. I’m still looking to join a proper booking agency in order to get more continuity in terms of gigs and to do everything more professionally.

Matteo, it’s been great catching up with you. Before we round things up is there anything you would like to add?

Again many thanks for having me, big pleasure guys. All the best and have a great 2018!

All the best!

Matteo’s ‘Rizla’ is out soon on Resonance Records
Pre-Order it here


01. Andre Salmon – My Eyes On You [Chillin Music]
02. Di Chiara Brothers – After Party [Cr2 Records]
03. Matteo Floris – Rizla [Resonance Records]
04. Mark Jenkyns – Sirens feat. Mizbee [Hottrax]
05. Klangkuenstler – Heat It Up [Roush]
06. Matteo Floris – Shakaman [Unsigned]
07. Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto (Catz n Dogz Remix) [Pets Recordings]
08. Camilo Do Santos – P.I.M.P. (Luca Secco & Craftkind Remix) [Daylight Robbery Records]
09. Matteo Floris – Dawnjet [Lapsus Music]
10. Klangkuenstler – House Your Body [Elrow Music]
11. Vozmediano – Chantz [Roush]

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