Matthew Dear shares new video ‘Bunny’ out now on Ghostly International

October 12 marked the release of Bunny, the long-awaited new album from Matthew Dear via Ghostly International. Stereogum made Bunny their Album Of The Week, PopMatters deemed it his best ever, and it’s an Essential Release to Bandcamp.

Now Matthew Dear is pleased to share the video for the song “Bunny’s Dream,” directed by Rik Cordero and Matthew himself.

Matthew recently spoke to BIllboard about the making of the “Bunny’s Dream” video:

“I had a show in Houston and Dallas, and this guy Rik Cordero who is kind of an up-and-coming commercial director — his last video was an Action Bronson video — wrote me out of the blue saying, “Hey, I got this new camera, I’d love to shoot some stuff.” And then I reached out to this guy Gabe who’s been doing these really cool Instagram videos of himself exploring with his body, and doing almost meditative movement where you let your body and mind go, and it’s also dancing, and I was like, ‘That would look really cool in a video.’

Rik got on a flight, and Gabe set up some locations for us. We ended up going to this cool pawn shop, and it was just this day of three guys running around. I felt as if I finally got to make my ’90s Sonic Youth video or something. I felt like I was a skater kid running around with a camera, filming a bunch of stuff that we thought was cool. No schedule, just three people with ideas. Gabe and Rik are very good at what they do, and the energy’s there.”

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