Matthew Dear’s Audion alias returns with new two-tracker on Ghostly’s Spectral Sound

Matthew Dear’s Audion alias returns on the eve of his Movement Festival date in Detroit with The Return Of Losing It. The producer’s first release on Spectral Sound since 2016, the two-track EP follows various projects with Berlin’s !K7 Records and TIGA’s Turbo Recordings, along with hazily intermittent, memorable club appearances in recent years. Always the “id” of Dear’s catalog, the Audion name connotes a deeper strain of dance music, often raucous but intensely focused; with The Return Of Losing It, he again lets his instinctual side fly.

The two ten-plus minute cuts recall Audion’s subversive anthem “Mouth To Mouth” in their crisp psychedelia. Like handling a high-end sports car, you don’t have to crank these tunes too hard to get the desired response.

The title cut, “The Return Of Losing It,” sounds like the machines left on overnight, working through some things. A relentless kick provides the pulse for Dear to scribble synth lines and washes overtop. It’s a dizzying effect that foregoes climax in favor of a more visceral tension, and in the last stretch, he finally releases us in the droning dust.

The b-side “Anything Else” opens up with a Detroit-flavored chord strike and seems to build but never loses its breath. In a similar style to its counterpart, the track locks into a metallic groove before its beatless breakdown, this time shuttering in warped static.

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