Max Chapman’s debut album is brilliant

Artist : Max Chapman
Title : Catch Me If You Can
Label : MadTech
Release : Out Now
Genre : House

The story of Max Chapman is the age old one of right time, right place. But with a modern twist. To see how it started we need to rewind back five years, to the fateful night young Max attended an Art Department show in Sydney, and by good fortune and some deft networking, he got to meet the guys. They clearly saw a talented fella in front of them, as he ended up spending the rest of the night with them moving from one after party to another. That initial connection worked wonders, as ‘Mr Radio One’ Pete Tong picked up his debut release back in 2011 and kick started Max’s career. Five years on and Max is hot property playing gigs in Ibiza and beyond. A seasoned producer with many EPs on some great labels his debut album on Kerri Chandler’s excellent MadTech imprint is the jewel in an ever growing crown. It’s a very personal album too, dedicated to his father who died recently.

As every artist knows, the first album is a massive milestone in ones career, and it usually follows that it is filled with the work generated over that first part of your life as a producer. But the really great albums, the ones you remember, like Daft Punk’s Homework, or Underworld’s Dubnobasswithmyhead (I know technically its Underneath the Radar, but I’m talking about the Underworld that got famous with Darren Emerson), those are the albums which show an artists true potential and draw a line underneath what they did before. Max Chapman’s Catch Me If You Can is good enough to fall in that group.

From the off-kilter meander of bass experiment ‘Intro’ and unrepentant UKG influenced ‘I’m Going Deeper’, through to the brooding techno of title track ‘Catch Me If You Can’, Max expertly explores a range of styles from the spectrum of Electronic music. Theres also plenty of trademark sounds like the gritty saw toothed bass of ‘Resistance’, or the tribal rhythms of ‘The Red Room’. Personal highlights for me come at the tail end with the excellent prog tech crossover – ‘Pyramids’ and super deep ‘Get Down’. Overall, a fine collection of tracks which sets out the stall very neatly for Max’s up coming US tour, and further demonstrates the considerable studio craft this scrappy young producer has.