Max Cooper creates ‘Image For 1 Minute’ to encourage discussion during the UN general assembly

Max Cooper has launched a short film, ‘Imagine For 1 Minute’, which is a collaboration with a number of charities and creatives, including the McGloughlin Brothers. The film is designed to encourage discussion during the UN general assembly this week and is narrated by Pope Francis, Greta Thunberg, Anotonio Guterres and many more.

“One of the main messages for me is the need to consider climate and environment during post-COVID economic recovery plans, amongst the danger of lobbied business interests taking preference.” – Max Cooper

The video was created by Gripping Films, with the incredible visual work of Kevin and Páraic McGloughlin. Max Cooper added some sync effects alongside a binaural mix of the narrators for maximum intensity, and an edit of the track ‘Reflect’ to try and fit the breadth of the project in feel.

Ian French
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