Max Cooper returns with another sublime release that explores the intersection of science, music, and art

Artist: Max Cooper
Title: World Passing By EP
Label: Mesh
Cat: MESH004
Released: Out Now – Available on Beatport
Genre: Ambient / Electronica / Techno

Most people who know me know that I am a huge Max Cooper fan, and when his latest release landed in my inbox I could hardly contain my excitement. Max returns with another sublime release that explores the intersection of science, music, and art in the way only Max Cooper could. The ‘World Passing By’ EP features four new tracks accompanied by a visual representation of his conceptually driven work.

For this project, Max was influenced by varying interpretations of time. “I wondered if our experience of time could be explained… where time is just a physical dimension into which things grow, with us experiencing now as the cusp of the inflation” – Max Cooper

The visual and musical ideas both stemmed from train journeys and were then run through studio hardware to form each track, and a collaboration with Kevin McGloughlin to create a video representation of his work that will feature in Max’s live shows.

The opening track, ‘Veil Of Time’ is an electronic delight of deep, ambient chord progressions that are filled with warmth and just ooze emotion. This is a track many of you Max Cooper fans may have heard him playing in his sets of the past few months. I am sure it has been around sometime in his sets. It is a true ambient gem!

Next up on the EP is ‘Resynthesis’ which is a deep chord shifting deep techno journey. As with all Max’s productions, the complexity of the beats and elements baffle my mind. Those glitchy like samples and sounds just fill the track with intrigue and a great tension. Certainly one for the deep, and more thought-provoking dancefloors out there.

The third track on the EP, ‘Stacked Moments’ is a superb layered textural chord sound that all sits beautifully on top of those broken beats. The track is a probably the darkest and most techno sounding on the EP. The track builds with a moody tension and the swelling sounds and chords are just sublime. A truly superb production!

The final track on the release is a collaboration with Rob Clouth which you may have heard on Max’s recent Essential Mix. The track is a distorted off-beat key changing, glitchy delight! Again the complexity of the production is astounding. There is a reason that no one out there makes music like this man, there is simply not many producers out there even near this man’s league!!! Stellar release from Max again, and one that I am sure the Max Cooper fans will cherish. I personally believe this is up there with some of his best work to date.

01. Max Cooper – Veil Of Time
02. Max Cooper – Resynthesis
03. Max Cooper – Stacked Moments
04. Max Cooper & Rob Clouth – Corporeal

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