Max Dahlhaus presents his superb new thirteen track album, ‘Rims of Time’

Artist: Max Dahlhaus
Title: Rims of Time
Label: KODX
Released: 13th January 2016
Genre: Techno/Electronica

Max Dahlhaus may not be a household name to many people out there but he is an artist that has been on my radar for some time, and one that I feel deserves some ear time. His new album, ‘Rims of Time’ is due to be released on KODX, and it is an album that certainly packs a punch. Once you begin to immerse yourself in the sounds of the individual, well-crafted tracks you will begin to appreciate the time spent listening to this album. Max even hand-crafted the artwork himself, so this is through and through a labor of love by a very talented producer.

First up on the album is the intro track, ‘EffaceXXVI’ which would not be a miss on the hit series ‘Stranger Things’ with its 80s Synth sounds. Next up we have, ‘Data Rising’ which begins with some glitchy sounds before we get a wonderful electro, acid-synth that builds like some wonderful 80s underground dance track. The broken beats then kick in, and you know the journey of this album is well underway!

The third track on the album, ‘Codeur’ certainly is a bolt from the blue, as it jumps up the tempo dramatically. Again we get some well chosen broken beats that are thundering away under some sublime ethereal sounds and effects. As before the synth line slowly builds in through the track, and then, like a slap in the face, we get that savage electronic bassline that is just pure class. Not that dissimilar in some ways to some productions by Nathan Fake. Nice work here Max! The next track, ‘Facade’ sees us move away from beats and into some rather dark, piano-led, futuristic ambiance. The fifth track, ‘Wrath’ is a full-on electronic kick up the ass! Apologies for the lack of tact here but this is electronic, techno filth! Something I would expect the likes of Dave Clarke to play towards the end of his sets! If you like it hard and evil then you need to check this out!

‘Vivid Objects’ is the sixth track on the album and once again sees us move from savagery into the light airy world of some fine electronic ambiance. We do get a delightful build into a bit of darkness before the track once again weaves into the light. Max is a producer that clearly likes to blend the angelic and the evil with his sounds! Next up is ‘Red Formations’ which is a track that I believe has been a favourite with his live performances and is certainly another electronic lead techno belter. The trick weaves through broken beats, insane percussion and effects until we reach what can be best described as a sublime peak. After a beautifully constructed ethereal break, the listener is hit in the face with a savage four to the floor kick and some truly mad sounding synths! Love this man’s work!

Track eight, ‘Vanta Caris’ is a world of obscure sounds, glitches, and clicks that would certainly unnerve even the most underground clubbers. Very surreal and dramatic! Next up we have, ‘NoVoid’ which sounds very 80s with its big synth intro. We are then presented with some broken beats and the track begins to build and swell to its four to the floor sound. Trust me, you know when this one drops!!! Savage!!! The melody in this track is a joy, as it drifts over the electronic darkness like a blanket of beauty that is wrapped around a simply insane track! This leads very well into ‘Mass Reaction’ which is again a broken beats lead, electronic thunderstorm of evil beats and synth! If you like it dark and moody you are going to devour this album!

‘Alrac’ sees Max move back to a sound I am more familiar with him producing, and would not be amiss on labels such as Beachcoma. I believe the genre has now been labeled “Indie Dance” but it does fit the sound perfectly. Screeching synths and that divine slowed vibe that weaves from one sound to the next. Perfect early/end of night vibes here. ‘Rim II Rim’ is a very short snippet of evil computer glitches and sublime noise! I love it! It would certainly not be amiss on films likes Bladerunner! Just when you thought Max would be ending things lightly you are presented with the final track on the album, ‘ZkitCoid’ which begins with an ethereal synth and some well-placed effects and clicks. That soon ends and you are presented with what is best described as madness!!! It would not be amiss in a very hard techno set or even a Drum and Bass set! An insane end to a very well crafted 13 track album!

If you like your hard techno, electronica or just plain electronic insanity, please check this album out. This is an album crafted with love and a lot of talent by a producer I recommend highly.

01. EffaceXXVI
02. Data Rising
03. Codeur
04. Facade
05. Wrath
06. Vivid Objects
07. Red Formations
08. Vanta Caris
09. NoVoid
10. Mass Reaction
11. Alrac
12. Rim II Rim
13. ZkitCoid

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!