Meet Artesia’s Xpad MIDI controller

Artesia has a new portable MIDI pad controller known as the Xpad. The latest member of the Xkey family, this offers 16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads with multicolour-colour LEDs.

You can set up six banks of pads and switch between them, and there are also six assignable buttons and six assignable rotary encoders.

Artesia Xpad features:

  • 16 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads with 2-colour LEDs inside
  • Pad bank buttons with 2-colour LEDs to switch 3 independent pad banks
  • 6 encoders to send continuous controller messages
  • 1 bank button with 2-color LED to switch 3 independent banks of the pot
  • Edit button (single LED) for each pad or encoder to change the note number or value
  • Type button with 2-color LED to set encoder cc/pitch/after touch or pad note/program/MMC
  • USB to host
  • TRS MIDI Out
  • Footswitch

Xpad will be available in February, and we hear that the price should be around $120.

About the Author

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