Meet Bitty the little but loud drum machine with a growing sound library

“Small, loud, expandable!” is the tagline, and Bitty certainly delivers on all of these fronts. Its unconventional design gives your four buttons, a speaker – one that’s usually used in car door panels to ensure that Bitty can really be heard – and two mouse-ear rubberised knobs.

You can start by simply playing rhythms manually (and melodies, in fact) but there are also patterns that can be triggered. You can select these using the left-hand knob, while the right-hand knob adjusts pitch, makes note selections and controls the arp. The output is 12-bit to ensure early MPC-style crunch.

What’s great about Bitty is that its sounds are easily switchable via software. There are no in-app purchases, you get all of the sample content and sound packs right away. Examples include Theremin Bitty, Techno Bitty, Basement Bitty, Trap Bitty, Lofi Bitty and Beach Bitty, and more packs are on the way.

The behaviour of the knobs changes depending on which sound pack you have loaded, but not so much that you’ll get confused. Oh, and because Bitty is based on the Arduino platform, you can edit the code or write your own. Any software already written for the platform is also compatible.

Powered by AAA battery or USB, Bitty can be yours for a $78 pledge, with a shipping date of February 2020. Find out more on the Bitty here.

About the author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and Progressive House. If he was to describe his preferred style of music he would probably describe it simply as electronic music. Besides his love for music and DJing his other passions are fine cuisine, wine, and travel.