Meet Mr Typo the wall-mounted speech synthesizer

MusicRadar’s best of 2018: Fine purveyors of retrofitted, wooden-covered games consoles, synths and televisions, Love Hultèn, has launched a wall-mounted speech synthesizer that goes by the name of Mr Typo.

The little wooden fella can be fed any text-file and it will get stuck into rearranging the content in real-time, then output odd and irregular sentence structures. In the video above, he’s demoing a cooking recipe followed by surgery guide notes.

Mr Typo uses Markov chains and a type of vocal synthesis created by Bjorn Eriksson, with further processing such as pitch shifter, reverb, and chorus, all controlled by tugging on his flailing limbs and twizzling his rather maniacal-looking eyes.

We are treated to two editions, “with or without meat” and both are battery powered. You can find out more about the delectable Mr Typo on the Love Hultèn website.

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