Meet the DDJ-SX3: The upgraded performance DJ controller for Serato DJ Pro

Pioneer has upgraded one of their most popular DJ controllers to create the 4-channel DDJ-SX3. Designed for dedicated use with Serato DJ Pro (previously known as Serato DJ), the features and expanded connectivity of the new controller enable you to make smooth transitions between DJs, guest speakers, musical genres and individual tracks. With a familiar layout and a high-quality casing, the DDJ-SX3 improves on the DDJ-SX2.

The new controller’s intuitive interface and professional features let you bring fresh creativity to your performances at all kinds of gigs. It also offers expanded connectivity to give you greater flexibility when you’re juggling DJs, MCs and guest speakers.

Thanks to the dedicated Mic input terminal on the front of the DDJ-SX3, you can talk to the crowd without needing to occupy any of the four mixer channels. And with twin Mic inputs on the rear of the controller, you can keep hold of one Mic while another two are out on the floor. Spice up your sets with the four popular Sound Color FX and use the Key Shift, Key Sync and Pitch Play features to effortlessly mix tracks harmonically and create live remixes.

The DDJ-SX3 will be available from early June 2018 at an SRP of £969 including VAT. Watch the introduction video or find out more about the controller.

Unlock Serato DJ Pro by plugging the DDJ-SX3 into a computer running the software. You don’t need a subscription or licence key. Download Serato DJ Pro.

A voucher for the Serato Flip and Pitch’n Time DJ Expansion Packs is included with the DDJ-SX3, so you can use Flip, Key Shift, Key Sync, Pitch Play and other advanced features for free.


• Unlocks Serato DJ Pro
• Three Mic inputs
• Mic FX
• Dual USB ports
• Sound Color FX
• Clear visual design maximising Serato DJ Pro features
• Multicoloured Performance Pads
• Jog Wheels with reduced latency compared to those on the DDJ-SX2
• Quality look and feel
• Advanced key-related features via Pitch ‘n Time DJ (licence included)
• Stand-alone DJ mixer with multiple inputs/outputs
• Serato Flip (licence included)
• Grab handles on both sides for easy carrying
• Mic input circuit for clear audio even at loud volumes • Needle search pad
• Slip Mode
• Paid upgrade to Serato DVS available separately

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