Melodic Distraction are now on the move looking for a new studio space

Having broadcast from the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle since 2017, the Melodic Distraction studio has played a key role in the transformation of the area into a vibrant cultural spot, with a wide range of show hosts from across the region whilst building a community of digital listeners.

The independent station, run by Josh Aitman and James Zaremba, has hosted special guests including Loyle Carner, Mr Scruff, Yousef, Scuba, Jayda G and with residencies from Crazy P, Reedale Rise and ASOK.

In the past three years, the Baltic Triangle area has seen a shift from warehouse clubs, tech start-ups, community spaces and artists’ studios, towards the development of flats and apartments. 

Now that the area is highly sought after, Melodic Distraction’s landlord is looking to sell the building and the land around it for redevelopment. Though unsold, the chance of a buyer is high. As such, Melodic Distraction hang in the precarious balance of only ever being offered very short lease extensions. 

The building is currently only half full of tenants due to the consequences of Covid-19 on local businesses. 

Unable to fill these empty spaces due to the lack of long-term security hanging over the space, the tenants are now faced with an impossible situation. Without a fully-tenanted building, the landlord refuses to provide a guarantee on tenancy terms. Leaving the tenants of the space in a checkmate situation. 

As they have been unable to reach an agreement with the landlord, they are unable to stay. 

Melodic Distraction have decided to move on, and focus their time and attention on local radio, broader plans, their hosts and community of listeners. They are endeavouring to quickly find a new location rather than fighting to stay for tiny incremental slivers of time in their current studio.

Whilst they might be leaving their Jamaica Street home, Melodic Distraction itself and all their radio output will categorically continue. They’re not going anywhere digitally, they are simply on the move and now looking for a new home. 

Currently, they have no new location but are appealing to all those in Liverpool to help them find a space suitable at this uncertain time. For more information and how you can help, head to

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