Mihalis Safras continues with his innovative and well-crafted designs on the ‘Phenomenon EP’

Artist: Mihalis Safras
Title: Phenomenon EP
Label: Repopulate Mars
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Tech House

In Greek mythology, he is the god of Tech and it is easy to see why. Mihalis Safras has a spectacular ability when it comes to turning sonic frequencies into House music hits, otherworldly in fact; which makes for a perfect fit alongside the classic Repopulate Mars imprint. This double-sided EP truly demonstrates this glorious ability that Mihalis has developed through rugged determination and passion for what he does.

‘Phenomenon’ gets the EP up and running with a funky swing from top to bottom. We are steadily built up into a warm swing built up from shining hats, a thick, filthy bassline and an array of old-school elements which give the track a lovely character. The track is kept quite simplistic in most places, but it works so well that the journey becomes a very enjoyable one.

‘The Lowlander’ again reflects the sound Mihalis is famous for. The rawness of the drums, the vibe of the low end, the delayed vocals, every single part stands out as an example of Mihalis’ amazing attention to detail. There is absolutely no doubt that the Greek superstar is a frontrunner in the industry, leading the way with his innovative and well-crafted designs. He is an artist that can truly be appreciated.

About the Author

As a producer himself, signed to some of the UK’s top Techno & Tech House labels, including Baroque, Under No Illusion and Pro-B-Tech, Danny, better known as Ferher is no stranger to the underground. He has DJ’d at some of the best venues in the UK and is eager to share his passion for house music with everyone.