Mix of the Week – B12

Our Mix of the Week heads in an electro IDM twinge fest with duo B12, recorded for the Dekmantel Podcast.

The B12 story started back in the early nineties when Mike Golding and Steve Rutter helped define the UK’s intelligent techno and early electronica scene. Releasing on their own self-titled label as well as Warp, they turned out cult classics like Electro-Soma. From 1996, they took the best part of a decade off before returning in 2008. To this day, the music remains firmly in the future, with sci-fi designs and languid rhythms unfolding in cinematic fashion.

And that plays out in this week’s brilliantly atmospheric podcast. It’s a sensitive journey through an expansive world of glistening electronics and synth-laden sounds. Rhythms nod to IDM, braindance, techno and bass. As the tempos vary, tender and thoughtful passages sit happily next to more muscular and physical workouts. Few artists get such beauty out of their machines as B12.

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