Mix of the Week – Bec Grenfell

From the country to the city, Bec Grenfell is renowned for her seamless DJ sets and unique blend of ethereal techno and house music. Over the last 10 years she has gained a huge amount of respect with many of the big players in Melbourne, subsequently scoring performances for Novel, Thick as Thieves, Untitled Group, Stable Music, Wildwood, Alter, & Arteq. Bec has also been selected to play at the prestigious Rainbow Serpent Festival 4 years in a row, as well as many other big events including Piknic Electronik, Circoloco, Beyond the Valley, and Babylon Festival. Bec has also recently played internationally at the world renown club The Block in Tel Aviv. Not to mention a slew of the Australia’s best clubs like Revolver, 161, Xe54, and Brown Alley.

When it comes to passion for quality music, whether it be old or new, Bec Grenfell has it down to a fine art. Playing her own definition of a much broader spectrum of electronic music, Bec’s music is best described as a unique style of melodic ethereal undertones with heavy basslined house and techno. She loves less obvious or predictable sound landscapes as she believes the unknown is always more attractive.

Bec’s passion for music delves deeply to a neuroscience level with her avid research on music’s powerful effects on the brain in neurological conditions and her rehabilitation for people with cognitive and movement disorders.

Bec is constantly pushing the boundaries with her visionary sounds, paving the way for female artists in the underground scene. She lets her music knowledge and 10 years of experience in the scene do the talking. She really knows how to capture and excite an audience with her smoothly transitioned sets and individual groove which separates her from the numerous generic “techno” artists that are seen today. Her stage presence is second to none, bringing you a journey of euphoria and electricity, leaving you questioning what the hell you are listening to!

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