Mix of the Week – Joachim Spieth

Heading up our Mix of the Week, Joachim Spieth a German-based artist, DJ, and producer who founded the music label Affin in 2007 and has been running it ever since. His first release on Wolfgang Voigt’s and Michael Mayer’s Kompakt label dates back to the late nineties.

He has proven his skills as a music producer through the likes of John Peel, Martin L. Gore, The Orb, Sven Väth, and Juan Atkins among others. Since then he has produced a number of releases, remixes, and collaborations, most notably his albums Irradiance, Tides, and Ousia as well as the recently released sound library series Textures.

Over the years, he has developed an unmistakable signature for his sound, whether ambient or spherical techno. As a DJ, Joachim Spieth has been performing in more than 30 countries all over the world. He’s driven by an absolute devotion to music and his pleasure to share it.

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