Mix of the Week – Max Cooper

Max Cooper takes the reigns for our Mix of the Week, hosted on Bleep

Mesh; the name brings to mind an underlying foundation, a wire frame for a crafted piece of art to ensure structural integrity. It’s an apt name for multimedia artist Max Cooper’s electronic imprint, where the MO is clattering rhythms and voluminous ambient vistas; sound as a vehicle for big ideas. Cooper’s exclusive Bleep mix celebrates the achievements of Mesh with a collection of works from their discography, featuring the ambient swells of Rob Clouth and some especially crisp breakbeat re-alignments from the likes of Reid Willis and Synkro. To top it off, there’s a couple of unreleased Cooper numbers you won’t hear anywhere else.

“Hi Bleep and listeners, many thanks for getting me involved on your awesome mix series. I’ve been really excited about the music we’ve been releasing on Mesh recently, so I decided to combine a lot of Mesh content with Laurel Halo’s beautiful new remix of the Glassforms EP with Bruce Brubaker on Infine, and a couple of unreleased bits fresh from the studio which I’ve been playing around with in recent weeks and which probably won’t be heard in their Bleep mix form anywhere else as they’re still actively evolving pieces. It’s a wander through some of the music which I’ve been using for escapism in recent times, rich with narrative and imagery if you can spare me some time with headphones on and eyes closed.” – Max Cooper


  1. Rob Clouth – Zero Point (Mesh)
  2. Bruce Brubaker, Max Cooper – Opening – Laurel Halo Remix (InFine)
  3. Max Cooper – Bleep mix exclusive 1 (Unreleased)
  4. Max Cooper – Transcendental Tree Map (Mesh)
  5. Rob Clouth – Shiver Sequence (Mesh)
  6. Non Square – Hold On (Mesh)
  7. Max Cooper – Spike (Mesh)
  8. Alex Banks – Falling Down – Nicolas Bougaieff Remix (Mesh)
  9. Alex Banks – Tephra (Mesh)
  10. Reid Willis – The Ocean Won’t Allow (Mesh)
  11. Rob Clouth – Transition – Ben Lukas Boysen Remix (Mesh)
  12. Reid Willis – The Separator (Mesh)
  13. Max Cooper – Bleep mix exclusive 2 (Unreleased)
  14. Max Cooper – Rule 110 – Synkro Remix (Mesh)
  15. Max Cooper – Hope – Roly Porter Remix (Mesh)

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