Mix of the Week – Monophaze

This week’s Mix of the Week is from Monophaze and is taken from his recent hello strange podcast.

1) Giacomo Pellegrino – Golfo di Santa Giulia
2) Anyon – Abyss Again
3) Deepchord – Shale
4) Dijuma – FO.4
5) Giacomo Pellegrino – Punta Janda
6) Dubpatism – X2 (Haventepe Remix)
7) Andrey Pushkarev – Undelivered Package
8) Hydergine – Retrofitted Future
9) Markus Masuhr – Tysjoarna 2
10) Conforce – Kawai
11) Luss – Journey (Upwellings Remix)

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Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about many genres of music from Breakbeat and Drum & Bass to Techno and Electronica. A man that lives in a world of bass and beats, Ian is an obsessive collector of music and a true geek at heart, with many years spent in application design.