MIXMSTR The first ever DJ culture mobile game

Youth Control Games has launched MIXMSTR, the first ever DJ culture mobile game. Available on Android and iOS, MIXMSTR is free-to-play with in-app purchases available. The authentic MIXMSTR world features an array of clubland characters and includes music from real electronic music artists (with some of dance music’s best labels soon to be available in the MIXMSTR record store). Players combine rhythm action gameplay with strategic music selection to fill the dancefloor; they can mix records and enjoy the game with no real life mixing experience required. Players win fame and money to build their record collection, develop their DJ skills, and take their DJ career from a gig in the local pub to playing headline sets in the biggest clubs in the MIXMSTR world. MIXMSTR can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play

With a background in electronic music, and two years of design and development, Youth Control Games has built a virtual world which all fans of club culture will recognise. The immersive experience includes various nightlife characters and different venues which are unlocked by players as they work their way up the DJ rankings. MIXMSTR contains numerous references to real life DJ culture and the electronic music scene; even the lights in the MIXMSTR clubs have been programmed by a real life lighting engineer. The MIXMSTR world will continue to evolve, with customisation (including female DJ avatar), new clubs, areas and challenges, incorporating even more authentic elements of DJ culture, with labels, artists and electronic music brands crossing over to influence the club scene in MIXMSTR just as they do in the real world.

Youth Control Games CEO, Timo Juuti said,

“There are already too many virtual DJ apps on the market. Instead, we wanted to make a fun game about DJ culture and the clubbing scene we love. You don’t need to be a DJ to enjoy MIXMSTR but you can still get a taste of what it’s like to drop a big tune and fill the dancefloor! We can’t wait for people to immerse themselves in the MIXMSTR universe and look forward to making it even bigger.”

MIXMSTR lets dance music fans live the DJ life wherever they are with an entertaining and unique slice of club culture.

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