MNL on fine form with the showcase album Seasons/Autumn 2015

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Seasons/Autumn 2015
Label: MNL
Cat no: MNL072
Release: Out Now
Genre: Progressive House/ Techno

Manual Music’s sister label MNL gives us their newest offering called – “VA Seasons/ Autumn 2015. Showcasing a varied musicality through five different artists, this EP is what one can call music that actually puts you in a position where you’re required to think about how it makes you feel, is well, often among the finest.

First up French producer Malecka’s track – “A Cool Dream” opens the pack smooth and easy with Piano meanderings against blocky beats and far away Violin slices through a brassy bass line, all serve as pretty and shows out intimate lines you can want for your own self.

Next up Slovakian music maker Ri Za has been impressing with his production skills off late and appears in the package with his handiwork titled – “Colored Panda”, a simple track that puts the bounce back in your stride and enough swoon worthy grooves within its pulsing, throbbing interiors down to the peek-a-boo vocals that stretch out here and there along-side chunky bass, and just in right amounts. A nice DJ tool this one.

Heading deeper in to the EP – “Everest” by Paul Funkee from Russia, sees his return to the imprint in solid fashion, as the track sways the proceedings up with all gentle swabs of bass, glacial pads and microscopic licks of percussion which congeal around a muted woodblock shuffle like honey over a spoon. Yet there’s a big room feel and a throw down attitude down right till the fizzing break down, and both faces surprisingly fit well together.

Graumann gives us – “Chase Her” as the penultimate track and halfway through it, I am wondering why I haven’t heard of this Turkish wonder before. Slow cooking and break beatish, his work is taut, the driving centre fools around an evil snare driven dance floor friendly skeletal electronics, all in all this output is boundary pushing fare.

Finishing up Irish producer Nick Furlong throws down – “Brigante” that’s far from 4 a.m yet should have dancers locked right on the floor with late night hypnotics held within its insides. The gliding hints of melody and spacious waves of thick smokey bass are pure and deeply driven with a reason, a reason you can imagine in your mind.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.