Moerbeck mini-Album ‘T.R.I.P.S.’ on Code is Law‏

Code Is Law was founded in 2013 by Mørbeck – known from Vault Series and Grounded Theory Berlin. T.R.I.P.S. is the result of several months of work and could be considered as Moerbeck first Album. It offers a platform for him and other artists to develop and release creative electronic music. The focus of the label is based on the unique and stand alone nature of the tracks. The music genre is not important, rather it is the raw, melodic and deep theme of the tracks that are paramount.

Like at a surreal place, in which strange things happen in a few hours, Mørbeck´s double-ep leads not only to mysterious sounds, it rather opens a new space of awareness. The Code Is Law labelhead invites to step on new paths through rooms full of whispering voices and sneaking soundscapes with groovy, breathing structures. All tracks have a raw, driving, energetic beat framework in common, which conveys the feeling of moving pictures in a psychedelic dream.

T.R.I.P.S. Rough, groovy and mystic sounds of hallucination.

A1: Put The Swords Down
A2: T.R.I.P.S. (April The 19th)
B1: Girl Bites Machine
B2: Back Home
C1: Super Future Kid
C2: Kaleidoskop
D1: Virgin Suicide

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