Mokacam Alpha 3 4K action camera is here to snatch the crown as best…

We all know in today’s world that if you don’t have it on camera, then it never happened, so investing in the ultimate action camera is a must for adventurers. Looking to be the king of the hill in the world of recording devices for the ultimate thrill-seekers, the Mokacam Alpha 3 4K Action Camera is here to snatch the crown.

This powerful action camera is packed with plenty of technology to make you think twice about getting a GoPro or DJI device. According to Mokacam, unlike GoPro, the Alpha 3 can operate with HDR in both photo and video for enhanced image quality and an abundant layer of colours. Also, the Alpha 3 has groundbreaking has a 1.2GHz Ambarella H22 Quad-Core Processor, as well as gimbal-like electronic stabilization in HDR mode, which Mokocama claims the DJI Osmo cannot do.

You’ll be able to capture all of your adventures with smooth 60 fps 4K Ultra-HD video, an impressive time-lapse mode, excellent picture quality in low light, and an aspherical lens to reduce distortion and present unparalleled clarity. And according to Mokocam, this is the first action camera with a 180° flip screen. Back this project over on Indiegogo, starting at $179, and get your Alpha 3 this August.


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