We think this Monday playlist will transform your day

As much of the country languishes under a cloud of despair brought on from a weekend of rain, and a dull grey Monday morning back at work, we asked intrepid A&R man Simon Huxtable to put together a Monday playlist for us. We were surprised by the results and felt we should share his finds.

Dub Be Good To Me – Beats International
Great track to get your head nodding with poignant lyrics sung to perfection by Lindy Layton. This was Norman Cook’s band before the Brighton DJ took the world by storm with his indie inspired Big Beat sound as Fatboy Slim.

Break Me Gently – Doves
The quintessential British band, who met on the dance floor at the Hacienda many moons ago. Formed from the ashes of Sub Sub, they have gone on to greater heights with 2 number one UK albums – The Last Broadcast and Some Cities

La Femme D’Argent – Air
The album which spawned a movement. The importance of Air’s debut album ‘Moon Safari’ cannot be forgotten. Absolutely seminal. Citing prog rockers Pink Floyd as their inspiration, Air took the rock aesthetic and applied it to electronica with aplomb. The results are psychedelic and awe inspiring.

When The Sun Hits – Slowdive
Shoegaze rock band from Reading who named the band after a Siouxsie & the Banshees song. They split up in the mid 90s after their album Pygmalion; the remaining members forming the less successful Mojave 3. In 2014 they reunited and toured as Slowdive again. The song very much sums up the 90s gangling guitar indie sound. You’re welcome M83!

Ravestar Supreme – Pinkshinyultrablast
Keeping with the Slowdive sound, a new band from St Petersburg, Russia.

In My Room – Cats Park
Also from St Petersburg, Cats Park are absolutely massive in Mother Russia, but hardly recognised elsewhere. The band was formed by Alex Andreev and fronted by jazz vocalist Faijee.

Crushin’ – A Sunny Day in Glasgow
A real family affair, the band was formed by long time friends Ben Daniels and Ever Nalens, who lived in Glasgow for a time. Daniels then asked his twin sisters to sing, however after many changes in the group dynamic, Daniels remains the only original member.

Monday Paracetamol – Ulrich Schnauss
Chill master Ulrich was always destined to be a musician. Growing up in Germany, he was surrounded by music, from the aforementioned Slowdive to My Bloody Valentine and the burgeoning dance scene. No wonder he became a keyboard player for Longview and The Engineers. His solo career however has really been the making of him, and tracks like Monday Paracetamol show just what a talent he is.

I Think I’m in Love – Spiritualised
Formed after previous band Spaceman 3 collapsed. The best known and most critically acclaimed album is perhaps 1997’s ‘Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space’, which NME named as their Album of the Year. This particular track was remixed by alt dance duo The Chemical Brothers and features on Deep Dishs’ label compilation Yoshiesque 2.

Here’s Where The Story Ends – The Sundays
Another underrated British band who made some fantastic music. Harriet Wheeler was a goddess!
Formed in Bristol by Wheeler and fellow university student David Gavurin on Guitar, the band were quickly signed to Rough Trade records, where this track from their debut album became a top 5 hit in the UK charts in 1990. It was also covered by Brit trance group Tin Tin Out in 1998, with the aid of Shelly Nelson charting at number 7.