Monnom Black release a new 14-track album from Thomas P. Heckmann due out early next year

Thomas P. Heckmann is a man who needs little introduction. The German producer has flexed his prowess across all shades of electronic music, but it’s his contributions to EBM-Techno, Acid, Industrial and Experimental that has earned him his notoriety, and it was in 1994 when he dropped an acid-tinged ‘Amphetamine’ as DRAX LTD. II that shot him into being recognised as a power to be reckoned with.

For the production of BODY MUSIC, Heckmann has utilised 30 years worth of acquired knowledge to create a hard-hitting album which bears all the grit Heckmann is renowned for. Harmonising analogue and digital wares to create an utterly immersive album over the course of 14 tracks. Tracks such as Provide the Future, Bloody Vacant and Zeitmaschine are prime examples of how TPH can bring forth his charismatic productions into the contemporary techno climate, whilst sealing each track with his signature stamp. His vast knowledge of modular and analogue syntheses
teamed with his ability to build tension proves optimal in BODY MUSIC’s storytelling. The album’s mission statement is simple: “Connecting the future with the past.” Tracks such as EBM3 start off where Thomas left off back in the early 2000s – sequels to EBM1 and EBM2.

The LP will be presented over three slabs of vinyl, with the album covering significant ground in techno, EBM, acid and electro (and many chasms in between). BODY MUSIC is a prime example of why TPH has remained so in demand and relevant over the years – and now more than ever Body Music will be made available on Triple Vinyl, CD & Digital. A 3-track EP album teaser will be released in February 2018, and will be followed by the full triple LP in March 2018.

Body Music (Album Teaser) MONNOM 012
A1. Zeitmaschine
B1. Provide The Future
B2. Bodywrap (DUB)

Body Music MONNOM 013
A1. Provide The Future
A2. Parasomnia
B1. Zeitmaschine
B2. Body Music (EBM 3)
C1. Bodywrap
C2. Cabin Fever
D1. The Hand That Rocks
D2. Bloody Vacant
E1. No Saint
E2. Acid Head
E3. Hardbeatfunk
F1. Veitstanz
F2. Drowning
F3. Departure

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