Montreal’s Gab Rhome delights us with a new EP on Spanish label, Natura Sonoris

Artist : Gab Rhome
Title : Matterhorn
Label: Natura Sonoris
Release : Aug. 31, 2015

A bit of a dreamer at heart, the young Montreal-born musician, Gab Rhome, has stormed on to the electronic scene after just a few short years developing himself as an artist in the production studio. Dedication to the trade combined with a deep knowledge of musical theory, from the very tender age of 6, has allowed Gab to navigate the ebbs & flows of a composition almost effortlessly.

So how shall one follow up an Anjunadeep guest edition from earlier this year and other predecessors on labels such as All Day I Dream, Supplemental Facts, Get Physical, as well as Sasha’s Last Night on Earth? Having such elite credits to his name, it seems quite apropos that Gab should join forces with yet another highly respected industry outfit, owned by none other than Spanish heavy-weight, Henry Saiz.

Set for release August 31st on Natura Sonoris is a brand new 3-track EP entitled Matterhorn.

“The titles come from late night brunches with a friend of mine as we talked about a small town in Switzerland near the Matterhorn….I just love the idea of it, the watches they make, and that it’s like a giant minibar – everything is overpriced in an almost funny way.”

Carefully & minimally crafted with intention, the title track, Matterhorn, instantly teases its listener with a warm, addictive tribal-esque groove. Soft atmospherics & subtle stabs fill the background around the rhythmic tamtam & dubby bassline while riffs of guitar strings flutter whimsically about.

There’s an ancient undertone as one gallops along this fine little journey – a story to be told. A story of longing which permeates the under layer as a melancholic vocal chants “Where are you now?”. The search for higher ground commences and towards the mountain’s peak we go. Delighting us with his organic percussion & delicate melodies, like a fine bottle of wine coupled with a juicy tenderloin, Gab then transports us to a beautifully textured soundscape with Sport de Glisse followed by the finale, Summit Meeting. The former quickly finds its way into your heart, pairing European bells & sumptuous keys with a deep, jazzy low-end, mimicking the often slippery slope of love & romance. A rich chord-infused breakdown just after the 3 minute mark snags the soul as one glides along the wave of emotive discovery & modest bliss.

“I really tried to capture the sound of my environment in there; you can hear me plug in a bass guitar, there was a microphone recording the sound of outside my studio (it plays at low volume, just to fill the atmosphere)”

Analog vibes trickle through Summit Meeting as Gab plucks his classic warbly bass. Tickling our every sense, he tempts us with a salacious sensuality, a Chris Isaac ‘Wicked Game’ sort of vibe that leaves us with eyes gently closed, relishing in percussive playfulness & yearning for more. The warm hum of a male voice coupled with a soft, feminine touch guides us in to the final stretch, beyond the impassioned breakdown, until we reach the final crest.

Known as the man who conquers hearts with his soft hands, lush melodies, and ravishing bow-ties, with a focus on the dreamy & hypnotic, it’s easy to see why Gab resonates most with artists like James Holden, whose sounds exhibit a crossover between dance & experimental rock. Without hesitation, Matterhorn is a perfect match with Natura Sonoris – a label defined by its name as a vigorous exploration of wildly divergent orchestral effects & dynamics – a most decadent affair.

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